Exterior View of the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. Photo Credit: https://BoulderColoradoUSA.com

More than 16 million cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed to date, with the virus claiming more than 650,000 lives. While the scientific community fervently seeks a cure and/or preventative vaccine, the spread of COVID-19 will inevitably continue. Thankfully, we can collectively help to reduce the impact of coronavirus through simple actions, which reduce the risk of contracting or unintentionally spreading COVID-19. By wearing masks, staying six feet or more from others, frequently disinfecting common surfaces and washing our hands for at least twenty seconds, we can slow the spread of coronavirus and save the lives of local citizens.

After months of diligent social distancing, Governor Jared Polis has approved the gradual reopening of our community’s staples. As we cautiously reenter the world again, many of our favorite familiar activities are limited in their access – or operating under new policies to keep visitors and staff members safe.

Excited to rediscover Boulder’s best activities? Here are six local locations you can’t miss – and the latest safety requirements of each.

Pearl Street

Where It’s At: Pearl Street (from 11th to 15th Streets), Boulder, CO 80302

You can’t come within a stone’s throw of Boulder without hearing about the wonders of the historic Pearl Street Mall. This outdoor shopping center features more than a hundred beloved Boulder hotspots – including restaurants, coffeeshops, novelty shops and more.

Latest Status: The Pearl Street pedestrian mall remains open to the mask-wearing public – full of vibrant flower beds, street performers, vendors, and smiling (masked) faces. Many individual Pearl Street shops and restaurants may have altered their hours of operation, maximum capacity or required standards for visitors. There’s plenty to explore on Pearl Street, but if your heart is set on a specific venue, it can’t hurt to call ahead to know whether they’re open and what to expect.

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

Where It’s At: 1770 13th Street, Boulder, CO 80302

Whether or not you’re a regular tea drinker, you can’t want to miss this stunning, one-of-a-kind venue. The Boulder Dushanbe teahouse was a gift to Boulder from a Cold War sister city in Tajikistan. Architectural fans will marvel at the building’s structure – and an interior decked with breathtaking, intricate carvings and paintings. Guests can enjoy a range of dining options and an extensive variety of teas. It’s hard to imagine a better way to unwind and focus on what’s beautiful after months of stress and uncertainty.

Latest Status: The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is currently open for eating and tea-drinking. Guests can dine indoors or on the large patio outdoors.

Boulder Farmer’s Market

Where It’s At: 13th Street (from Arapahoe Ave. to Canyon Blvd.), Boulder, CO

USA Today recently ranked the Boulder Farmers’ Market as the best farmers’ market in the entire United States. Local farmers have sold their best farm-fresh offerings to the public at the Boulder Farmers’ Market since 1986. Shoppers can delight in locally grown crops, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cheese, meat, wine…the list goes on.

Latest Status: The Boulder Farmer’s Market remains open to the public in spite of the ongoing pandemic with most services operating as they otherwise would. Food samples, artisan booths, live performances, and the use of “market bucks” are not currently available. Visit the Boulder Farmers’ Market on Saturday mornings, or on Wednesdays between 4pm and 8pm with an online reservation. Guests are asked to wear masks while they shop. If you’d prefer not to linger but can’t miss your favorite purchases, vendors are currently accepting online orders.

Boulder Creek and Boulder Creek Path

Where It’s At: Boulder Creek, Colorado 80504

The scenic Boulder Creek spans over thirty miles through Boulder’s scenic foothills. Miles of paved path alongside the Boulder Creek allow for locals and visitors to bike, walk and jog under the shade of towering oaks as the waters rush by. You’ll often see hammocks, kayaks, fly fishermen, and picnic blankets interspersed along the way, as dozens (or even hundreds) of individuals revel in the gorgeous sights and sounds.

Latest Status: The Boulder Creek Path remains open to tourists. If you’ve been going stir-crazy in your home throughout social distancing, find a spot to sit along Boulder Creek for a breathtaking change of scenery. There’s plenty of room for your family and dozens more – with well over six feet between every group.

Museum of Boulder

Where It’s At: 2205 Broadway Boulder, CO 80302

Even if you’ve called Boulder home for years (like we have), it’s never too late to learn more about the city and its roots. The Museum of Boulder explores the origin story of Boulder, and how its notorious culture of health-conscious hippies and tech-savvy innovators evolved from the earliest days to date. The museum’s interactive exhibits, unique events and fantastic rooftop views are sure to be a hit for tourists and longtime residents alike.

Latest Status: The Museum of Boulder is open with evolving safety requirements in place. Please call (303) 449-3464 for up-to-date information.

BIFF Drive-In

Where It’s At: 3327 Airport Rd, Boulder, CO 80301

Missing the thrill of a movie night out? The BIFF Drive-In is the perfect treat for film lovers of all ages in the Boulder Community. While traditional theaters will likely remain closed indefinitely, the drive-in experience is perfectly suited to the demands of social distancing – while still offering a well-earned chance to get out of the house.

Latest Status: The BIFF Drive-In is currently open and showing a different film every Saturday night – with each feature announced eight days in advance on their website.

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