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It’s pretty commonly accepted that you should clean the carpets before you move out of your home. Whether you owned a house or leased an apartment. Some lease agreements will even state it in black and white. But what about when you’re about to move into a new home? Most people will simply assume that the previous owner or tenant did the right thing and brought in a professional carpet cleaning service to spruce things up. But what if they didn’t? Or what if, during the process of moving out, dogs, cats, neighbors and movers with dirty work boots all spent time walking on the just cleaned carpets. If that happened they’re not so clean anymore. Below we’ll look at some very good reasons to have the carpets cleaned before you move in.

Call for Professional Carpet Cleaning Before You Move In

The best time to search for “carpet cleaning near me” and have the pros in to clean the carpets is before you deposit the contents of the moving truck into your new apartment, condo or house. There are a number of good reasons for this including:

  • You’ll never have a better opportunity - In all likelihood this will be the last time there is nothing getting in the way of having the carpets cleaned. This is especially true in the case of wall to wall. Once everything is in place cleaning the carpets thoroughly is going to be a real project. You’ll have to shift things from room to room causing major disruptions. And you’ll need to ensure none of your friends, neighbors, loved ones or pets walk on the carpeting while it’s being cleaned, or afterward when it’s drying. Having the professional carpet cleaning experts from Steve’s in to clean the carpets before any furniture is in place or any people are occupying the space will make for a quick, hassle free experience.
  • Because you never know what might be in there - Like we said at the outset, maybe the previous homeowner or tenant did the right thing and cleaned the carpets before they left. Or maybe they didn’t. Maybe they just vacuumed them and sprinkled a bit of sweet smelling powder on them to give the impression they shampooed them. If they didn’t clean them they could be teeming with dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and more. But even if they cleaned the carpets properly there’s a good chance they’ve been walked on by friends, family, neighbors, movers and more since the cleaning. And who knows what was on the bottom of their feet.
  • It will improve the air quality - When you hire Steve’s professional carpet cleaning you get more than a wet vac and a shampoo. Much more. Our truck mounted steam cleaning machine is several orders of magnitude more thorough than any carpet cleaning machine used by most other companies. It gets right down to the very root of the pile where microbes, bacteria, dust mites and other contaminants feel safe. Unlike most wet vacs that just move them around before allowing them to settle back into the carpet our machine scours the pile and immediately removes everything to the disposal unit in the truck. When we’re done your carpets are going to smell like new and the air in your home will be fresh and clean.
  • Because your kids and pets deserve it - If you have young children and/or pets they’re going to spend long hours on the floor playing, rolling around, napping and more. Do you want them to be rolling on a sea of dust mites and mold spores? Do you want them inhaling contaminants carried into the house from the street by the previous tenant or owner. Do you want them rolling around on old pet stains? We didn’t think so. Making sure the carpets are properly cleaned before you move in will mean you can rest easy from day one knowing that your little one is playing on a clean, hygienic carpet and not some repository for airborne and shoe-borne contaminants.
  • Because it gets you off on the right foot - You may wind up living in your new house for decades. It’s important that such an integral relationship gets off on the right foot. As the saying goes “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. And if your first impression of the house is “What’s that smell?” that’s something you’re never going to forget. Having a professional carpet cleaning service clean all your carpeting before you move in will enable you to start your new life with a clean slate. No worrying about whether there are dangers lurking in the carpet. No leftover pet odor, cigarette odor or mildewy odors wafting through the house. No wondering what that stain is in the corner. A clean slate. Just the way it should be.

The Bottom Line

While the thought of having the carpets cleaned before they move in isn’t something that necessarily occurs to everyone it’s nonetheless a smart thing to do. Enlisting the help of Steve’s professional carpet cleaning services is as easy as searching for “carpet cleaning near me” and clicking the link to our website. There you can learn all about our services and company and our more than 42 years of experience. So before you unload the moving truck talk to the pros at Steve’s and make sure to arrange to have your new carpets cleaned.

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