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Everyone loves their pets. But pets and carpeting are sometimes a less than perfect match. Pet hair can accumulate in the pile and pet stains are an all-too-common problem. Pets will often interpret new carpeting as a sign they no longer need to use the litter box or go outside to take care of their business. And when that happens you need to act fast to prevent those accidents from becoming a permanent stain on the carpet. But even if you are quick to respond to pet accidents you might still be left with an unpleasant odor that lingers in the house long-term. That’s when you need to call Steve’s Carpet Cleaning, Denver and let our pros unleash the power of steam.

For Stubborn Pet Odors Call Steve’s Carpet Cleaning Services

If you do an internet search for ways to remove pet odors from carpeting you’re going to find that just about everyone has their own sure-fire DIY solution. But while there’s nothing wrong with that DIY spirit the fact is most of these remedies are of little practical use.

What you need is something that will reach down right into the base of the pile and extract every last molecule responsible for the offending odor. You need Steve’s truck mounted steam cleaning carpet care system. Here’s why.

The Reason Pet Odors Can be so Problematic

There are several reasons why pet stains often wind up being so problematic. And why they often end up leaving behind an unmistakable odor that can be difficult to eliminate.

  • First, it’s a matter of awareness - When you or one of your guests spills wine on the carpet it’s typically done in the company of others. Everyone sees it and you can begin mitigation efforts right away. That’s almost never the case with a pet stain. Our furry friends often wait until there’s no one around before relieving themselves on the carpet. By the time the homeowner becomes aware of it the pee has already thoroughly soaked into the pile (and the base of the carpet) and dried. Getting it out (and the odor that comes with it) once that happens becomes several orders of magnitude more difficult.
  • Second, it’s a matter of repetition - Once your pet has relieved themselves on the carpet they now have it in their mind that this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Therefore, they may return to the same spot several times to go again before you catch on to what’s happening. By that time the amount of pee in the carpet can be formidable. And removing it and the odor that it produces is going to require more than some baking soda and a few paper towels.
  • Third, DIY remedies often make matters worse - We’re sure most people offering advice on the internet about how to remove pet stains and odors are well-intentioned. That doesn’t mean however, that they know what they’re talking about. Tips you pick up on the net don’t come with any guarantees. So if someone’s advice ends up causing damage to your carpet rather than cleaning it, there’s no way to hold anyone responsible. And some of that advice is so vague it’s almost assured to either do nothing or create a brand new stain to add to the pet stain.

For all these reasons and more you need the kind of deep cleaning only Steve’s carpet cleaning services can provide.

Why Steam Cleaning?

Our truck mounted steam cleaning system is the most powerful and effective method yet developed for cleaning carpets and ridding them of stubborn stains. But even so, it takes the knowledge and experience of a trained technician to ensure pet odors are thoroughly and permanently removed.

In some cases the technician from Steve’s will need to pretreat the area in order to loosen up the compounds that have worked their way into the pile. This helps ensure that the steam is able to remove them and return the fibers and the base of the carpet to their original pristine state. Once that is accomplished the technician will then bring the full force of our state of the art steam cleaner to bear on the affected area, eliminating the odor once and for all.

Our truck mounted system forces steam into the heart of the fabric. It scours every microscopic hiding place of the offending compounds that are causing the stain and odor. Those compounds are then pulled out of the carpet by the force of the vacuum and removed to a collecting bin in the truck for later disposal.

This is fundamentally different than standard carpet cleaning machines that simply push the contaminants around on the surface and leave many of them behind; just in different places than where they started. Steve’s Carpet Cleaning Denver were pioneers in the use of steam cleaning technology and we’re the area’s most experienced steam cleaning service.

Don’t Wait ‘Til It’s Too Late

If you’re dealing with lingering pet stains and odors in your carpet you can do an internet search for “carpet cleaning near me”. Or you can just cut to the chase and call Steve’s carpet cleaning services at (303) 530-4900. We’ve been helping the people of Denver keep their carpets looking great and smelling fresh for more than 40 years. We’ll put the power of steam to work on your pet odors and banish them for good. Call now.

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