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Until 1961 Broomfield was part of Boulder County. Which means the history of the two places spring from a common origin. That origin dates to the late 1850s when a group of prospectors camped on what was at the time Arapaho territory. After some initial resistance the Arapaho Chief Niwot finally allowed the prospectors to stay, but warned them that the area was so beautiful they would not want to leave. How right he was. Shortly after the establishment of this early camp gold was discovered in the mountains nearby and within just a few months permanent settlers began moving in. In 1861 Congress established the Colorado Territory and 10 years later the town of Boulder was incorporated.

While the prospectors didn’t last very long Boulder County experienced steady, controlled growth beginning in those early days and continuing to the present day. Exactly how this part of Boulder County eventually got the name Broomfield is unclear, although some theorize it may have to do with fact that many local farmers grew what is known as “broomcorn”. In 1961 the town of Broomfield was carved out of Boulder County and in 1998 Broomfield County was created; becoming the newest county in the United States.

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The Broomfield climate covers the entire spectrum from sizzling heat to arctic cold and everything in between. It’s the kind of weather that’s hard on virtually every aspect of a home from the siding to the roof as well as interior elements like the carpets and the air ducts. Snow, slush, mud and dust regularly find their way into local homes. While springtime brings not only an explosion of natural beauty but the allergens that come with it, which find their way into air ducts all across the county.

The Importance of Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpets clean is always a common sense thing to do. But it’s even more important in a place like Broomfield where nature is such a huge part of everyday life. Carpets are known for being catch-alls for environmental contaminants. In Broomfield that includes a higher-than-average concentration of tiny airborne bugs, pollen and other allergens. And let’s not forget the infamous dust storms that sometimes sweep across the plains. Having the experts from Steve’s clean your carpets on a regular basis will ensure:

  • Your carpets retain their integrity.
  • The fibers aren’t compromised by gritty dust particles.
  • Microscopic insects aren’t able to set up shop in your carpets.
  • Your family won’t be exposed to nasty allergens.

Broomfield Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpets cleaned also helps to maintain high indoor air quality. Believe it or not in a place like Broomfield the outdoor air can actually be cleaner than the air inside your house. This is especially true if you don’t invest in regular carpet and air duct cleaning. Maintaining a healthy indoor environment is in the best interest of you, your family members, your guests and even your pets.

Duct Cleaning

We mentioned duct cleaning earlier and for good reason. Just as airborne contaminants can take up residence in your carpets, they are also extremely opportunistic when it comes to settling down in your air ducts. Once that happens countless bacterial spores wind up being circulated throughout the house, coming to rest on the carpets, furniture and dishes. But that’s not the worst of it. You, along with anyone else in the house, winds up inhaling these harmful microbes. If you think that’s not a big deal remember that most allergies originate in the home. Therefore, keeping your house allergen-free will radically improve the health of your domestic environment. And that benefits everyone in both the short and long-term.

Other Services

At Steve’s Carpet Care & Restoration we’ve spent decades helping the people of Broomfield keep their homes clean and healthy while maintaining and even enhancing their value in the process. To do this we offer a range of services beyond carpet and duct cleaning. Those services include:

  • Dryer vent cleaning - Cleaning out the lint trap on the dryer is simply not enough to ensure your dryer works at peak efficiency and that accumulated lint does not become a fire hazard. Fire hazard? That’s right. Every year nearly 15,000 US home fires are traced to clogged dryer vents. That’s an incredible number. But the fact is nearly all those fires could be prevented if people took care to have their dryer vents cleaned on a regular basis. And if the fire hazard isn’t enough to convince you to have your dryer vent cleaned consider that a vent clogged with lint will cause your dryer to work far less efficiently and therefore cost you money.
  • Furniture and upholstery steam cleaning - Carpets and air ducts are favorite hiding places of allergens, dust mites, pet dander and other contaminants. But there is one other place where these pollutants love to set up shop: your upholstery. Most fabric-based upholstery provides an ideal environment for microbes to hide. If you don’t have your upholstery cleaned on a regular basis you’re joining millions of microbes on the sofa every time you sit down. Yuck!
  • Water damage repair - The 2013 floods that affected much of Boulder and Broomfield County caused untold damage to homes and businesses and upended countless lives. It took months for many parts of Colorado to recover and some homes never did. That terrible situation brought into focus how important flood mitigation work can be around the home. All of us at Steve’s sincerely hope we never have a repeat of 2013. But the fact is, minor flooding is not an uncommon experience in the area. As such we’re prepared to help with a range of flood-related services such as cleaning furniture and flooring damaged by flood waters and more.

Why Choose Steve’s Carpet Care & Restoration?

We’ve been in business for more than 40 years and in that time we’ve earned the trust of homeowners throughout North-Central Colorado. They know that when they call Steve’s they’re getting the area’s most experienced carpet care experts. They also know that we bring the same level of expertise and dedication to all the other related services we provide. When you choose Steve’s Carpet Care & Restoration you get:

  • Prompt, reliable service.
  • Affordable, transparent pricing.
  • High quality results every time.
  • Courteous, friendly technicians.
  • Outstanding customer service.

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You can take a chance on fly-by-night operations with no address and no references if you want. Or you can call Steve’s and make sure that the biggest single investment you ever make (that would be your home) is in good hands from the moment we arrive on the scene.

A Higher Level of Customer Care

We’re part of the fabric of the Broomfield community. We live here, own homes here and our kids go to school here. We’re invested in the well-being of the people who live here and we approach our work as though our reputation depended on it. Because it does. We understand that customer service begins the moment we answer your first phone call and doesn’t stop just because the work is done and the truck has returned to the shop. True high-quality work is hard to come by these days. But not when you call Steve’s Carpet Care & Restoration in Broomfield at (303) 530-4900.