Carpet Repair

It’s only natural that when carpets get older homeowners start to think about replacing them. A lot of times however, they bite the bullet and pay to have their carpets replaced when they could have had them repaired instead and saved a boatload of cash. At Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration we’ve been helping Colorado homeowners keep their carpets looking great for more than 40 years. There’s no one in this part of Colorado with a better reputation for consistently high quality carpet repair work at reasonable prices.

What Does Carpet Repair Involve?

Carpet repair can take on many forms and involve many different disciplines. Our technicians are expertly trained to deal with all manner of carpet repair issues including:


If you’re beginning to see ripples, wrinkles or waves in the surface of your carpeting it’s not only unattractive it’s unsafe as well. Someone could easily trip and hurt themselves. Because of both the aesthetic and safety concerns you’re probably thinking you have to rip up your carpets and replace them. But often times that’s just not the case. Our certified carpet repair technicians are experts at stretching your carpets to make them appear like new again.

Carpet Stretching by Steve's

Carpet stretching is no gimmick. It’s a serious craft that can infuse old carpets that have begun to show their age with new life and save homeowners a lot of time, hassle and money. If your carpets are getting a little loose don’t throw them out, have the pros from Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration give them a professional stretching. You’ll be amazed at the results.


Carpet patching involves carefully removing the damaged area of the carpet and replacing it with a piece of donor carpet. The process can be painstaking and requires a deft hand, a good eye and the experience to ensure the patch is fully integrated into the surrounding carpet. Carpet patching takes years to master and our technicians are some of the most experienced anywhere. The carpet patching process typically involves:

  • Identifying donor carpet - This has to be done first because if an identical piece of donor carpet is not available a patch simply won’t work. Donor carpet is typically gleaned from remnants left over from the original installation or remnants purchased from the carpet outlet that are a perfect match. In some cases you may be able to harvest a piece of your existing carpet from an unseen area - such as inside a closet - and use that.
  • Removing the damaged section - The damaged portion of the carpet is carefully excised using a carpet or utility knife. Care is taken to only cut the backing of the carpet and not to damage the tufts. The damaged section is then removed.
  • Using the removed section as a template - The damaged section of carpet that was removed is now used as a template to create an identically shaped piece that will be the patch. The damaged piece is laid on top of the donor carpet and a pen is used to draw the outline. The donor carpet is then cut using great care not to damage the tufts.
  • Inserting the donor piece - The piece of donor carpet is then inserted into the cut out where the damaged carpet was removed making sure that the nap matches that of the original carpet.
  • Taping in the new section - Special two-sided carpet tape is laid down in the area where the donor carpet will go and the donor section is then dropped into place. The technician then uses a carpet roller, carpet comb or other implements to blend the patch into the surrounding carpet.


In some cases older wall to wall carpets may begin to separate at the seams. This can be both unsightly and dangerous. If this happens to your carpets call the pros from Steve’s. We’ll re-establish the original discrete seams in no time.

Water Damage Repair

Water damage is one of the more vexing types of carpet damage. Whether or not water damage can be effectively address depends on the extent of the damage and the nature of the damage. For example: Did the water contain chemical or other pollutants that it left behind in the carpet fibers? If the damage is the result of an overflowing toilet it may be that the carpet will have to be removed. But you should have the pros from Steve’s in to make a full assessment before you give up on the carpets. In many cases they can still be saved.

3 Good Reasons to Choose Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies out there and some advertise that they do carpet repair as well. So why should you choose Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration over the competition? We’ll give you 3 good reasons:

  1. Experience - There isn’t another carpet care company in the Boulder metro area with more experience and more satisfied customers than Steve’s. We’ve been cleaning and repairing carpets for 42+ years and in that time we’ve seen and done it all. There is no issue you can have with your carpeting that is going to stump our experts. If it your carpet can be repaired we’ll repair it. If we can’t fix it, nobody can. It’s that simple.
  2. Commitment - Carpet care is what we do. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our services to make them more effective and efficient. We keep on top of all the latest technological innovations in the industry and, if they’ll help provide our customers with a higher level of quality and service, we make them part of our repertoire.
  3. Accountability - Some guys come into your home, do more harm than good to your carpets and then refuse to answer your calls or take responsibility for their mistakes. That’s not us. We’re fully licensed and insured and our phones are always open to our customers. If there’s an issue we’ll resolve it. In the unlikely event we made an error, we’ll correct it. Accountability.

For the highest level of quality carpet repair services in Metro Boulder and beyond call Steve’s at (303)530-4900. We’ll make your old or damaged carpets look like new again in no time.