Reasons to Hire Carpet Cleaners Before Moving In

Realtor handing house key to new homeowner beside 'SOLD' sign in front yard

Moving into a new home is an exciting prospect. There are a thousand things to consider, a thousand details that have to be addressed and somewhere along the way you need to find time to meet your new neighbors and acclimate to your new surroundings. The last thing you want is to move in and discover after the fact that the carpeting was left in a less than ideal state by the previous owner. Which means if you just bought a new house the time to call Steve's Carpet Cleaning services is after the previous owner moves out but before you move in.

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Tile Grout Falling Out? Here's What To Do

Tile Grout Falling Out? Here's What To Do

New tile with smooth, clean grout is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, like everything else grout gets old and when it does it can come loose and start to fall out, leaving unsightly gaps in between your tiles. These gaps are not only unattractive they can also become a safe haven and breeding ground for mold, cause the tiles themselves to become loose and allow water to seep into the substrate compromising the integrity of the wall. In this post, the tile and grout cleaning experts at Steve's Carpet Cleaning provide advice and tips on what to do if the grout between your tiles comes loose and starts to fall out.

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Summer-Specific Issues Making Your Carpets Dirtier

Close-up of child's feet in dirty white sandals on beige indoor carpeting

Summer can be a problematic time for carpets. From kids and pets tracking dirt inside to sandy beach trips getting everywhere, and even cocktails spilling at all the extra parties you’re having. These are just a few of the reasons why we get so many carpet and rug cleaning appointments at this time of the year!

In this post, we’re going to go into more detail with regard to these challenges and how they can cause extra wear and damage to your carpets. Being aware of these facts can help you to minimize the impact of summer and hopefully help your carpets to stay clean and last for longer!

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Buckled and Wrinkled Carpets: What Causes Them?

Wrinkled white carpeting in residential living room

While you may not think that people look at your carpet, it’s quite noticeable to guests and home buyers alike if your carpet is in disrepair.

Buckled and wrinkled carpets happen when your carpet peels up at the sides or has bubbles of air underneath it. It creates an unnatural and uneven look across your carpet. Thankfully, if you live in Arvada, all it takes is a quick search of carpet cleaning services near me and you can get the problem fixed. We’ve been dealing with issues like this for 40+ years.

Humidity is often the leading cause of carpet buckling and wrinkling. The changing seasons bring fluctuating humidity levels that can damage your carpet. Re-stretching your carpet is the only real solution to a buckled or wrinkled carpet.

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