The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make If You Stain Your Carpet 

Woman in black long-sleeved shirt clutching cleaning products to chest before attempting DIY carpet stain removal

Mistakes happen when it comes to carpeting, and we’ve seen and heard nearly all of them in the past 40 plus years. You spilled coffee. Someone dropped a glass of wine. Your dog rushed in through the back door after playing in the mud before you could catch him. Maybe your toddler’s diaper sprung a leak. Here are the biggest mistakes you can make if you stain your carpet, and what to avoid if going the DIY route.

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Ten Reasons Why Air Duct Cleaning and Upkeep are Essential

Closeup view of clean aluminum air duct tubing against orange background

Since first-time home ownership is no small feat for most Americans today, home maintenance and upkeep is nothing to be taken lightly. It’s essential to maintain the value of our lifetime’s largest investment - and maintain the health and comfort of the space our families spend their days. Leaky and unclean air vents are harmful in a number of serious ways - causing costly risks to your health, your home’s longevity, and even your hard-earned cash.

What problems can arise from air ducts which aren’t properly cleaned and maintained? Our ventilation experts are here to explain the most common and concerning issues caused by improperly maintained air ducts - and what you can do to prevent these in your home.

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