How to Tell if You Have an Oriental or Persian Rug

Persian and Oriental Rugs

At Steve’s Carpet Care we offer the best Persian and Oriental rug cleaning in Colorado. We have many years’ experience in the care and cleaning of these precious heirloom rugs and devote a lot of time and energy into ensuring their integrity and longevity. During the course of our business we often encounter owners unsure whether they have a Persian rug or an Oriental rug. If the rug was bought new or from an auction house there should be no doubt about it provenance. However, some folks purchased their rugs from private sellers or they inherited their rugs from relatives. In either case the exact nature and origins of the rug are unknown to them because the rug has no tag. Or maybe an aftermarket tag has been affixed to the rug by a reseller. So how can you tell for sure which type of rug you have?

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How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

Reviewing Desktop Calendar

Owners of wall-to-wall carpeting frequently ask us how often they should be cleaned. The fact is that while most manufacturers provide care instructions with their carpets if you just moved into a house with wall to wall those care instructions may be long gone. On top of that, the Colorado environment presents unique challenges that someone living in Los Angeles or New York would not have to take into consideration. And we’ll get to those in a bit. So there is no straightforward, one size fits all answer to the question of frequency. But there things to be mindful of that will indicate that it’s time to call Steve’s for first class carpet cleaning services.

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Things to be Mindful of with Your Persian Rug

Persian Rug

True Persian - and more generally, Oriental - rugs are hand-woven from wool fibers. The combination of the incredibly durable material and the care and attention that goes into their creation produces a rug of extraordinary longevity. If cared for properly that Persian rug you bought recently will not just outlive you, it could outlive your children and their children and their children and, well, you get the picture. Unfortunately, hand-crafted Persian rugs don’t typically come with an owner’s manual. So in order to make things a bit easier on you we thought we’d take a quick look at a few Oriental rug cleaning issues we run into pretty regularly.

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Pet Odors Are No Match for Steve’s Steam Cleaning

Dog Laying on White Carpet

Everyone loves their pets. But pets and carpeting are sometimes a less than perfect match. Pet hair can accumulate in the pile and pet stains are an all-too-common problem. Pets will often interpret new carpeting as a sign they no longer need to use the litter box or go outside to take care of their business. And when that happens you need to act fast to prevent those accidents from becoming a permanent stain on the carpet.

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