The Difference Between Rug Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

Persian rug on carpeted floor pictured close-up from above

To many homeowners, carpets and rugs are interchangeable in terms of their usage. That may be true, but whereas rugs can be transported from room to room or used in different areas of your house, carpet is installed wall to wall that only be removed and replaced – not taken from one room to another.

Both, however, should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. And, yes, each one requires a distinct professional cleaning process – particularly regarding awkward stains like odors, pet accidents, and food or beverage spills. The question is now, what is the difference between rug cleaning and carpet cleaning?

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Three Big Mistakes You Can Make With Your Persian Rugs

Orange tabby cat skateboarding across clean, white textured rug in bedroom

If you are the owner of a true Persian rug, consider yourself fortunate. Not only do you appreciate fine home furnishings, but you can afford a hand-knotted rug whose craftsmen have been honing skills passed down for more than 2500 years. All Persian rugs fall under the umbrella of “Oriental” rugs, but their precise country of origin – Iran – makes them a cultural anchor for all Asian countries which dabble in their manufacture.

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