Hard Surface Cleaning

Just about everyone is aware of the need to have their carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The same goes for hardwood floors. People know they need to be stripped and refinished every couple of years. The well of common knowledge tends to run dry pretty quickly, however, when it comes to hard surface cleaning. How often should you clean the concrete floor in your garage or basement? Or the tile floor in your bathroom? And even if it’s obviously time to clean these surfaces just how do you go about doing that anyway? These are good and important questions. And fortunately, if you live in the greater Boulder area, the pros from Steve’s Carpet Care & Restoration and Restoration have both the answers and the ability to provide high quality hard surface cleaning at a very competitive price.

Concrete Hard Surface Cleaning

If the concrete floor in your basement or garage has begun to get you down lately but you’re unsure what to do about it contact the experts at Steve’s Carpet Care & Restoration and Restoration. We’ve got the expertise and equipment necessary to remove all manner of grease and grime from well-worn concrete surfaces without turning your basement or garage into a swamp of dirty soapy water. We get in, scour your concrete surfaces of the last vestiges of dirt and debris and get out. What we leave behind are the cleanest concrete floors you’ve seen since the house was new. And all without the mess that comes with power washing.

Tile and Grout Hard Surface Cleaning

Perhaps you’ve reached the point where the tile floor in your bathroom or kitchen is telling you that merely stripping and resealing it again is not going to be enough. If that’s the case the pros at Steve’s Carpet Care & Restoration and Restoration are just what the doctor ordered. Our high power/low impact tile and grout cleaning system utilizes high-pressure tools that blast away deep-seeded dirt and leave both the tiles and the grout sparkling clean.

Speaking of grout, it contains microscopic pores that capture and hold onto tiny particles of dirt, grease and other materials. Over time this accumulated material becomes hardened, begins to discolor the grout and is virtually impossible to remove entirely using conventional methods. That’s where we come in. Our high pressure system blasts away accumulated dirt, mold, and grime, revealing the naturally white grout that had been hidden so long. We can do this to floor grout, the grout between wall tiles, the grout in countertops or backsplashes and, of course, in showers as well.

Once the grout has been returned to a pristine state we offer our top quality grout sealer that preserves the beautiful natural color while making it easier to clean and maintain going forward. Sealing the grout is an essential part of the grout restoration process and should not be overlooked or put off to a later date.

So just how is it we’re able to offer state of the art hard surface cleaning without the torrents of water and hours of mopping up you would normally associate with power washing? Because, unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use a power wash system for our concrete, tile and grout hard surface cleaning.

Enter The HydroForce SX-12

At the heart of our high pressure/low impact hard surface cleaning process is the HydroForce SX-12. This leading edge cleaning hardware is partnered with our truck mounted steam cleaning system to bring concentrated amounts of high intensity cleaning power to bear on small areas. As the technician works his way across the concrete, tile or grout the SX-12 immediately sucks up refuse water and returns it to the truck. This is in stark contrast to power wash systems that flood the surface with water and can take hours to clean up after.

Hard Surface Cleaning by Steve's

The SX-12 is ideal for less than perfectly smooth surfaces such as concrete or tile. The circular cleaning arm spins at incredible speeds generating the kind of scouring action that blasts away even the most stubborn, deep-seeded dirt and grime. It’s a breakthrough system that is rewriting the book on hard surface cleaning inside the home and the technicians at Steve’s have been thoroughly trained to optimize its many benefits. Some of the advantages of the SX-12 include:

  • An extremely low profile that allows it to sneak into those hard to reach places.
  • Lightweight power that allows it to clean thoroughly without damaging surfaces.
  • The unique ability to be used in concert with truck mounted steam cleaning systems.
  • The way is effectively removes effluence from the job site.
  • The ability to clean evenly across uneven surfaces like concrete and various kinds of tile.
  • The fact that it doesn’t present a danger to surrounding surfaces.
  • Its ability to deliver a level of clean you likely thought impossible.

When partnered with our truck mounted steam cleaning system the SX-12 becomes a game changing device, capable of restoring luster and life to your tiles and turning your garage or basement into the kind of place where you’re no longer afraid to walk in your bare feet.

Why Choose Steve’s Hard Surface Cleaning?

At Steve’s we’ve been in the business of helping the people of Boulder and beyond maintain beautiful, hygienically clean floors for more than 42 years. Our carpet cleaning and restoration services are the best in this part of Colorado. A large proportion of our clients are repeat customers because they know that we always get the job done right and in a timely and affordable fashion.

From carpet cleaning to dryer vent cleaning to duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more we bring the same level of commitment and dedication to everything we do. That includes hard surface cleaning of concrete, tile and grout. If you’re looking for a company that doesn’t play games, that shows up when they say they will, that’s accountable, professional and treats you and your property with the respect you deserve, then you want Steve’s for all you hard surface cleaning needs. Give us a call at (303) 530-4900 to learn more about our hard surface cleaning services.