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Good quality carpeting can transform a cold, bare home into a cozy, comfortable refuge, which is why so many homeowners still prefer it to wooden flooring or tiles. What’s more, carpets act like a large air filter, trapping the microbes and dust in the air that flows around your home: another great reason to have carpets laid in every room in your property. However, it is also true that quality carpeting needs a little care and attention if it is to remain in good condition, and if you’re not sure what type of care is required or why, the information below should be a great help.

Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Unlike hard flooring, which only needs to be vacuumed every couple of days and mopped once or twice a week, carpeting needs to be thoroughly cleaned with a truck-mounted water extraction machine on a regular basis, as you will discover when reading the next section. Whether this should be every 6 months, annually, or once every couple of years will depend on the type of carpeting you install and the wear and tear it suffers over time; if you need advice on this particular point, please do not hesitate to call Steve's Carpet Care and speak to us during business hours. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the main reasons you should have your carpeting professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Maintaining a Healthy Environment in Your Home

We mentioned earlier that carpeting in the home acts like a giant air filter, trapping many of the small particles in the air that circulates around your property every day. This is a good thing, of course, but it also means that over time, your carpets will become clogged with a large amount of dust, pet dander, dirt and various types of microbes. Eventually, the pile of your carpets will not be able to hold any more particles and they will be released into the air again when the fibers are disturbed. For this reason, it is important to have your carpets cleaned professionally once in a while, so that the dust and other particles that have penetrated deep into the pile can be removed.

A hot water extraction cleaning will provide the following benefits in this respect:

  • Elimination of Bacterial Growth – Bacteria can lurk in the depths of the pile of your carpeting, multiplying rapidly over time. The most effective way to get rid of bacterial growth in carpets is the hot water extraction method of cleaning employed by professionals. Just search for “carpet cleaning near me” and you should find plenty of local companies that offer this service in your area. If you live in Boulder, Denver, or anywhere else nearby, please feel free to call and speak to us about your requirements.
  • Prevention of Mold – Mold spores also have a nasty habit of making their way into carpet pile and clinging tenaciously to the fibers once they are there. Vacuuming will not usually dislodge them but hot water extraction cleaning most certainly will.
  • Removal of Allergens –Vacuuming will remove some of the particles that end up in the pile of your carpeting but those that have penetrated more deeply will remain. Pollen, dust and other potential allergens can be effectively removed from your carpets with hot water extraction cleaning.

In addition to these benefits, which will help you to ensure that the quality of the air in your home does not deteriorate over time, professional carpet cleaning services can also help to extend the useful lifespan of your carpeting.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Carpeting and Protecting Your Investment

Good quality carpeting can be quite expensive so it is worth spending a little money on care and maintenance to protect your investment. Professional cleaning of all carpeting in your home offers the following benefits as far as the longevity and appearance of your carpets are concerned:

  • Deep Cleaning of Pile - Dirt and dust that sticks to the base of the fibers in your carpeting cannot be removed by vacuuming. Apart from the fact that a buildup of such particles is likely to lead to unpleasant odors, they can also damage your carpet if they are left to be trodden in further over time. To avoid this happening, search for “carpet cleaning near me”, choose a reputable firm in your area and have them clean your carpets with a truck-mounted hot water extraction machine at regular intervals.
  • Protection of Warranty – High-end carpeting normally comes with a decent warranty, covering defects in the workmanship and materials for a number of years. However, most manufacturers insist that their carpets are professionally cleaned on a regular basis in order for the warranty to remain valid. For this reason alone, it is well worth hiring a local team of carpet cleaning specialists to look after your carpeting.
  • Stain Prevention and Removal – If you find a reputable company offering carpet cleaning services in your area, they should be able to remove stubborn stains from your carpets using detergents designed for spot treatments. By removing deeply embedded dirt with a hot water extraction machine, they will also be able to help prevent future staining.

Extending the useful lifespan of your carpeting and preserving its appearance could save you a significant sum over time.

Final Thoughts

Protecting your warranty, keeping your carpets looking good for longer and improving the air quality in your home are all compelling reasons to invest in a professional carpet cleaning service.

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