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Carpet cleaning machines are available for rent just about anywhere you shop. Large and small grocers, big-box home improvement centers, hardware stores, convenience stores and, of course, national chains like Target or Walmart.

But they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. If you need carpet cleaning for an area rug, a single room, or your whole house, your money may be better spent by hiring professional carpet cleaning services when the need arises. Here are several reasons to avoid renting a carpet cleaning machine.

Time Waits for No One

Anyone who owns carpeting may have the need to thoroughly clean it occasionally. Pets are nefarious for accidents or dragging dirt into the house. Ditto for kids and even house guests. Accidents happen, not to mention the natural accumulation of dirt, liquids, food items, and other things which can lead to ugly stains, discoloration, and even unpleasant smells.

When you rent a carpet cleaner, you normally commit to a 24-hour rental period, which is where time plays a factor. You spend time and money picking it up and transporting it home. Then you have to figure out how it works, but if the retailer didn’t include directions, you’ll waste even more time learning how the machine works. Is that where the water goes? What if I add too much cleaning solution? How do I dump icky wastewater without spilling it everywhere? Can I leave the machine running while I add water or cleaning solution? These are just some of the questions you’ll have to answer, and then you’ll spend even more time on a small test area to make sure it works – wait. Do you need to pre-treat pet or other stains before using a carpet cleaning machine? And when you’re finished – whether you’re happy with the results or not, you have to pack it up and take it back to wherever you rented it from.

Depending on how much carpet you must clean, you could easily spend half a day or longer getting it all done. There’s probably a better way. Call Steve's Carpet Care for more information, as we’re very skilled and competent in all facets of carpet cleaning.

Wow, That’s a Lot of Water

Yep, rental carpet cleaning machines use a lot of water. Once you’ve filled the appropriate tank with water and cleaning solution, you can begin cleaning. Are you going too fast or too slow? Do you really need to backtrack over a swath of carpeting you just cleaned? Did you use enough water? Did you use too much cleaning solution? Is the solution safe?

As one reservoir runs out of water and cleaning solution, the other fills up with dirty water that needs to be dumped. Then you start over – adding fresh water and carpet cleaner – going in a circle until every square inch of carpeting is cleaned – and still wet.

It could take several hours if not longer for the carpet to dry, which makes you wonder if you should’ve rented a dehumidifier to help speed it along. But now you have other worries. The carpet could shrink as it dries, end up discolored, give life to mold or fungus, and create odor problems that may be worse than you started with.

Yuck, What’s That Smell?

Carpet cleaning machines can leave your rug smelling worse than before, but there are other reasons for unpleasant odors. Persistent moisture or dampness is a big reason for unpleasant odors, but the smells can also be caused by animal urine or feces or worse – human urine and excrement. Thankfully, our carpet cleaning experts know how much water and cleaning solution is required, and whether stains need to be pre-treated before work begins

Hygiene and Carpet Cleaning Services?

That 25 percent off coupon to rent a carpet cleaning machine from your local grocers may not be the best deal, once you think about issues like germs and hygiene. Even in the age of COVID-19, when retailers pledge to clean their property and rental equipment as thoroughly as possible, how do you know that really happened? There are all sorts of nasties lurking in your carpeting, but what about the most recent imports which hitched a ride on the carpet cleaner you just rented? Who used that machine before you rented it? Was that person sick? If the carpet cleaning machine wasn’t cleansed before you rented it, it could be riddled with dirt, hair, food particles, and other debris that could make you ill. You could easily drag unseen bacteria into your home. Not a happy thought, right?

What About the Ommph Factor?

Most carpet cleaning machines you can rent certainly look the part. They’re big, bulky, and heavy to move. But sadly, most simply don’t have the kind power you’ll see in a professional carpet cleaner’s machinery which is normally equipped with steam injection, heat and suction – all designed to get your carpet as clean as possible.

Detergents and Chemicals

Lastly, your generic carpet cleaning machine available for rent uses a solution that is injected into your rug, swirled around by one or more spinning brushes, then rinsed and extracted by suction. Unfortunately, the process isn't 100 percent complete, leaving behind detergent or other chemicals that make your rug more susceptible to fast re-soiling. Of course, there's also the risk of skin or eye irritation, harm to animals and the environment, and worsening of symptoms in someone who’s already ill.

Carpet Cleaning Near Me

We use only the safest and most effective cleaning machines on the market, guaranteed to leave your carpet beautiful, fresh, and in like-new condition. Contact us today at 303.530.4900 for more information.

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