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Carpeting can really enhance the look and comfort level of a house. But, like every other part of the house, carpeting doesn’t take care of itself. If you want your carpeting to last, and want it to be hygienic and comfortable, then you have to bring in the carpet cleaning services from time to time. But how can you determine what ‘time to time’ means for you?

Not every house with carpeting is the same. Some are inhabited by one or two quiet individuals. Others are occupied by large families with pets and lots of friends and family coming and going all the time. Obviously, one household will need to get their carpets cleaned more often than the other.

Let’s take a close look at the various things that go into determining how often you should have your carpets cleaned.

Things to Consider Before Searching for ‘Carpet Cleaning Near Me’

Kids - Small kids and carpeting go hand in hand. Carpeted floors are warmer, softer and safer than hardwood, tile, or linoleum. And that’s important because small kids who are just getting their legs under them tend to fall a lot. At the same time, however, when your little one trips and falls, he or she often winds up spilling something in the process. And that’s not great for your carpeting. Bottom line: the more kids in the house the more frequently you’ll need to have the carpets cleaned. That typically means scheduling carpet cleaning services approximately twice per year.

Pets - People love their pets, and for good reason. But those four-legged friends can be tough on carpeting. They bring all kinds of dirt and debris into the house on their paws and in their fur. And speaking of fur, they also shed year-round, and especially during the warm weather months. Keeping carpets clean when you have pets in the house is a challenge. But it’s one you can stay ahead of if you vacuum at least once a week, and have the pros from Steve’s Carpet Care in every six months.

Guests - To some folks, their home is their fortress of solitude. Others, however, see their home as a place to conduct a vigorous social life. They’re always having dinner parties, holiday get-togethers, summer BBQs, birthday parties, poker nights, and all kinds of friends over to watch sporting events. If this sounds like your house, you should have your carpets cleaned every 3 to 6 months.

Warranty Requirements - A lot of folks don’t think about it but most new wall to wall comes with a warranty attached. And, in most cases, the warranty on carpeting calls for them to have it professionally cleaned every 12-24 months. Some will require more frequent cleaning than that. If the homeowner fails to live up to this aspect of the warranty, then files a claim because of what they feel is a defect in the carpeting, they’ll find out their warranty is no longer valid.

The State of the Carpeting - All of the above considerations can provide a good ballpark idea about how often you should have your carpets cleaned. But there’s one consideration that overrides them all: the state of the carpeting itself. If your carpet is dirty, vacuum it. If it needs more intensive care, call for the carpet cleaning services of Steve’s Carpet Care. Don’t wait because you just had the carpets cleaned 8 weeks ago. If the carpeting needs cleaning, have it cleaned.

Why the ‘Best Carpet Cleaning Near Me’ is Steve’s Carpet Care

Carpets are a big investment. Keeping them looking good is important. But there are other reasons for having Steve’s handle your carpet cleaning that transcend mere aesthetics. Those reasons include:

Hygiene - Keeping the carpeting clean will not only help keep your house looking great year-round, it will also ensure the carpeting does not become a haven for mold, bacteria, and tiny insects. All of them can and do take up residence inside carpeting if it is not properly maintained. The last thing you want is for your kids, pets, and guests to be sitting on a petri dish of biological contaminants. Keeping the carpet clean means keeping it hygienic.

Longer Life - Like anything else carpeting will last longer if it is properly maintained. And since carpeting these days can be pretty expensive, it behooves the enlightened homeowner to keep up on the carpet cleaning schedule. Not just for the purposes of looks and hygiene, but because it will help ensure you get every dollar of value out of the carpeting.

Fending Off Odors - When the aforementioned bacteria and mold take root in your carpeting it’s never long before the musty, unpleasant odors follow. And there’s no getting away from them. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When you enlist Steve’s carpet cleaning services you can be sure that your carpets always smell clean and fresh, no matter what time of year it is or how many people and pets are in the house.

Call Steve’s Carpet Care Today

As we said at the beginning of this post, carpets don’t take care of themselves. The homeowner needs to be proactive in their approach to carpet care. Go through the above list of considerations, determine how often your carpets should be professionally cleaned and then give Steve’s Carpet Care a call.

With more than forty-two years of professional local services, Steve's Carpet Care has the most experienced cleaning team in the Rocky Mountain State. We’ve helped countless Colorado homeowners keep their homes looking great and we can do the same for you.