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Some people actually don’t like the smell of a new rug. It’s one of those “love it or hate it” kind of things. A bit like the smell of a new car. But gradually that smell fades as the rug is bedded into its new home. But after that, life happens. It gets walked across with dirty shoes, food and other things get spilled on it, and pets might play on it. Simply put, most rugs get put through the wringer over the years. In order to keep it looking its best, homeowners in Arvada will typically arrange a professional rug cleaning periodically.

But if your rug develops an unpleasant odor in between cleanings, you might be wondering why. You take good care of it, so what’s up with the stench? It’s a common question that our rug cleaning clients have, and we’re going to run through some of the top causes of a smell rug below so you can better protect yours in between cleanings going forward.

The Main Reasons Your Rugs Might Smell

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about area rugs, oriental rugs or any other type of rug here. Most of these sources of foul odor also apply to carpet. Here are some potential causes of the bad smells you’d like to avoid.

Your Beloved Pets

That's right. Your furry four-legged friends, whether they be cats or dogs, could very well be the reason why your rugs smell so bad, even after a deep rug cleaning by an Arvada professional. While them walking or lying on the rug will not likely cause an issue, should they urinate or vomit on the rug at any point, this can cause recurring problems with bad smells.

It depends on the material that your rug is made out of, but some rugs will absorb these substances and they will penetrate the fibers. So even when you Google “rug cleaning near me” and get them deep cleaned, the problem remains. The water used during a cleaning actually activates the bacteria present due to the urine stains, and this has the effect of actually making the odor stronger.

With this in mind, in the future, if your pet does have an accident on your rug, you're going to need to make every effort to soak up as much of the urine up as you can while it's still wet. If it is allowed to dry, that's when you're going to have problems.

If you suspect that your pet has already had an accident on your rug, let your rug cleaning company know when they come to do a cleaning, and they will then specially select a cleaning agent that is designed to remove it.

Your Rug is Damp

If your rug becomes damp and is not allowed to dry out, you will likely experience problems with bad odors. It's usually quite easy to tell if this is the cause of your woes as the smell is quite distinguishable. A damp rug will give off a musty smell. Rather like your swim outfit and towel that you forgot about and left in your rucksack for a week.

Moisture encourages the growth of mold spores and this is what causes the smell. With rugs, they may become damp for a number of reasons. Perhaps you left a window open during a storm, maybe there was a spillage that wasn’t properly dealt with or maybe a nearby potted plant has leaked. The cause could also be due to location. Some parts of the home are damper than others, such as a kitchen, bathroom or even a basement.

Whatever the cause, if you notice your rug is damp, it’s important to take action. If it is not soaking wet, vacuuming the rug and then leaving it to dry outside in the sunshine will often be enough to fix the issue. You do have to be somewhat careful about the amount of time your rug is left exposed to the sun though as this can cause it to fade.

You could try using cat litter if the sun is too dangerous. Once you’ve vacuumed the rug, sprinkle a generous amount over the damp parts of the rug (make sure you choose an unscented litter though) and leave for 1-2 days. Cat little is proven to be effective in soaking up spills; a lot of folks use it on the lawn to soak up things like oil spills. Shake it off outside at the end and vacuum all over the rug.

Maybe Your Rug is Just Old?

How long have you had your rug? One other possible explanation for the bad odor coming from your rug is age. Maybe your rug is just past its best? Over time, the fibers that make up your rug will gradually break down and this process can cause a bad smell. The process can also contribute dust to the interior of your home. If you or our family have any allergies, and many people do, that’s not good news.

Unfortunately, no amount of professional rug cleaning is going to fix this problem. Your only option is going to be to thank your old rug for the memories and replace it with a new rug.

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