When carpets are cleaned, some form of equipment will inevitably need to be used to achieve the desired end goals, but there's not just a single option; in fact there are many. A truck mounted carpet cleaner is one such option that firms specializing in carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO make use of to restore the appearance of their clients' carpets and prolong their lifespan. As the name rather suggests, this machine will typically be attached to either the floor of the van itself or to a trailer, and these cleaning systems generally have hot water running through them in order to "steam clean" the carpet. Concealed inside the firm's van, if you speak to any contractor in Boulder that specializes in the cleaning of carpets, oriental rugs or upholstery, they will likely tell you that a truck mounted system offers many benefits over other equipment intended for these purposes.

The Different Types of Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaners

In general there are a couple of different types of truck mounted carpet cleaning systems - slide-in truck mounted cleaners and van powered carpet cleaners. The first option features its own engine and therefore powers itself, and is sited inside its own frame, which is then bolted onto the floor of the van. The main advantage with this type of system is that it can be used in a wide variety of different vehicles and can even be transferred from one to another. Van powered systems actually utilize the vehicle's engine to power the unit and are generally more compact in design so take up less space.

The Benefits that Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaners Offer

Regardless of whether a carpet cleaning firm uses a slide in model or a van powered model, these systems offer several significant advantages over portable carpet cleaners, which you would be well advised to learn about. Here are some of the main points to consider:

  • Capable of Achieving High Water Temperatures - The temperature of the water used during carpet cleaning is extremely important and the general rule is that the hotter this water is, the better. Water that is heated to extremely high temperatures will cause the reaction between the cleaning solution and the dirt and grime on the carpet to take place quicker, helping break it down at a molecular level so it can be removed and the carpet fibers can be cleansed. One of the most significant advantages that truck mounted steam cleaners offer is the ability to heat water to over 200 degrees, which is far hotter than is achievable with even the best portable carpet cleaning machine.
  • Less Risk of "Accidents" Taking Place - Even the best carpet cleaning contractors can accidentally spill cleaning solution or dirty water when trying to fill and empty the machine, which could lead to nasty stains on your carpet - the exact thing you were trying to avoid by hiring the contractor in the first place. This risk is considerably lower with a truck mounted steam cleaning unit, since everything is located outside of your home inside the firm's truck and the capacity of these machines is nearly always far greater than that of a portable machine. Usually the only thing that will need to pass over the threshold of your home is a hose and a cleaning wand.
  • Extremely Quick and Easy in Operation - Think about it for a second. If the company that you hire to get your carpets looking like-new utilizes a portable carpet cleaning device, they will have to unload all the equipment from their van, as well as the solutions and anything else necessary, before properly setting them up in your home. However, with a truck mounted system, everything is ready to go, so the contractor can begin cleaning shortly after arriving at your home, meaning they'll take less of your time up to get the job done and you won't have to wait around all day and make significant changes to your normal routine. Packing up again after the work is done is equally as quick and easy.
  • More Power - As well as being able to heat the water to significantly higher temperatures, the additional power that these unit have means that they are able to provide a much more consistent flow of water, as well as a stronger level of suction, which ensures the best possible cleaning job is done and your carpets are returned to "like new" condition. These advantages will also mean that your carpets will dry a lot quicker than they would do if a portable machine had been used to clean them.

Steam cleaning is generally considered to be the most effective way to clean both carpets and rugs, as well as upholstery and tapestry and most manufacturers of these products highly recommend it over other types of cleaning. Many people that are not familiar with the cleaning of these items are often concerned that exposure to extremely hot water could actually damage the individual fibers, but that isn't true and once the entire cleaning treatment is complete, you carpet will not only look better, but it will smell better too. If you live in Boulder, CO, or any of the surrounding areas, and you're interested in having your carpets professionally cleaned (read here about the benefits of doing so), then get in touch with our team. We've helped to maintain and protect carpets in hundreds of residential and commercial properties over the years and have the skills, expertise and equipment necessary to do the same for you.

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