There are few other things that have as much potential to cause damage to your home as large volumes of water. If you are unfortunate enough to live in an area that is severely affected by some kind of natural disaster, it's vital that you contract a specialist contractor with the knowledge and equipment necessary to limit the extent of any damaged caused, as if you don't, it might become near impossible to restore your home to its former condition. However, even in such a time of desperation it's important that you act with a cool head and don't just hire any old contractor or the first one that you come across, otherwise you could end up wasting a considerable amount of money and be left with a property that may as well be knocked down and rebuilt. Below we're going to provide you with a few tips that could help you to find the ideal contractor, many of which could be used when looking for any kind of contractor, including carpet cleaning contractors and air duct cleaning contractors.

How Can You Make Sure Your Contractor is Capable of Assisting You With Flood Restoration?

We've assisted many people in Boulder in the aftermath of flood damage and many times these people simply weren't prepared for what happened and weren't sure what to do when it did. We can help you if you find yourself in such a position. Water causes extensive damage to a wide range of materials, particularly carpet and fabric, but also in drywall and furniture, and acting fast and hiring the best contractor for the job will limit the amount of damage that is caused. Follow these tips to find that contractor:

  • Contact Multiple Contractors - The biggest mistake that many people make is contacting just a single company, receiving a quote over the phone and accepting this offer there and then. You will almost never get the best deal if you do this, and if the only question you ask is "how much?" you might not even hire a contractor that is certified to do the work that you require. For this reason, it's always advisable to contact at least 3 different companies for quotes, and be wary of anyone that provide a quote much lower than other contractors, as they are most probably cutting corners in some way! However, there are a number of other questions that you should ask too, such as...
  • Are You Cleantrust Certified? - Any respected company that offers flood restoration services should possess this certification, as it demonstrates that they have expertise in this particular area. Hiring a contractor that doesn't possess this certification represents a risk, and may mean that they aren't as qualified to deal with the situation you're facing as they would have you believe. If the contractor either avoids the question or flat out says "no" when you ask them about Cleaning Cleantrust Certification, it is a good idea to move onto the next candidate. You don't want an underqualified contractor working on a job of such importance.
  • How Much Experience Do You Have? - Flood restoration work is not a straightforward process and there's a lot more to it than many people think. It's not just about removing and disposing of anything that is soaked right through to the point that it has become useless, although that is something that is obviously done. Experienced water damage contractors will utilize a number of professional grade tools to help them assess your property and detect any areas that contain dangerously high moisture levels. This is important as these areas will be structurally weakest and should be given the most care and attention during the restoration process. Experienced contractors will also be able to detect the parts of the property that are at the greatest risk of mold growth and then take the necessary actions to prevent this. Essentially, the greater the experience of the contractor the better, as not only are they likely to have faced many scenarios similar to yours, but the fact that they are still in business proves that they must know what they're doing!
  • Will You Provide Me With an Itemized Estimate? - This is something that all legitimate contractors will be only too glad to provide, no matter what services they offer, whether it be tiling and grouting, upholstery cleaning or water damage restoration. Anyone that won't provide you with an estimate in writing should be avoided, as they will likely wait until the work has been done and then bill you for a larger amount than they initially quoted you. Having something in writing protects you from this scenario and just makes good business sense.

Why It's Important that You Act Fast When Faced With Water Damage

If your home has been affected by a flood, the only way to save your property and anything inside of it is to act with urgency, otherwise a whole number of problems could quickly develop. These include mold growth, which will often begin to grow within 48 to 72 hours of the damage, and once this starts it can be very difficult to get back under control. As well as being unsightly and secreting a nasty odor, mold has been linked to a wide range of health conditions and if present in large quantities, it may not be safe for you to continue living in your home until the problem is resolved.

If you are the unfortunate victim of flood damage, you will likely need to dispose of any item that is permeable and that will likely retain moisture for significant lengths of time, including carpets, fabrics and mattresses. Other parts of your home, such as the floors and walls, will need to be taken apart in order to remove all of the moisture present, which is near impossible to do for the average homeowner. We've been operating in Boulder, CO for a number of years, offering water damage repair services, as well as a range of other services, such as carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and upholstery cleaning, and would be glad to provide our assistance should you require it.

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