Having your air ducts cleaned is one of the best ways to ensure your entire HVAC system is always running smoothly and efficiently. It’s also one of the most important things you can do to ensure the environment in your home is safe for family, friends, holiday guests and pets. But homeowners have a lot of questions about residential air duct cleaning and that’s understandable. They want to know what is being done and why. And maybe most of all, they want to know if any part of the process is potentially dangerous. Below we’re going to take a comprehensive look at residential air duct cleaning.

Whats living in your dirty air ducts

Methods and Techniques Used in Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Before contaminant removal can commence our technicians will need to secure access to your ductwork. This is done by surveying the system and determining which return grills, supply diffusers and existing service openings represent the best access points. Once these have been established the cleaning process can begin.

The process of cleaning air ducts can be broken down into three essential stages.

  • Stage 1: Loosening - The first step in the process of cleaning your ducts is breaking loose the contaminants clinging to the inside walls of the ductwork. To do this we introduce a high pressure blast of air that courses through the ductwork and shakes loose the vast majority of dirt and debris. Years of field testing have shown that this method of loosening contaminants is by far the fastest and most effective. Since the ductwork was designed to handle moving air this method doesn’t force your ducts to do anything that runs contrary to their purpose. It’s an entirely native process that won’t harm your air ducts.
  • Stage 2: Detailing - The high pressure air blast will loosen more than 90 percent of the contaminants in your ductwork. But that’s not good enough for you or for us. Our job is to completely rid your air ducts of potentially problematic substances. In order to get into any nooks and crannies missed by air blast we send one of our patented Teflon balls through the ductwork. These amazing devices are remote guided by our highly-trained technician through every cubic inch of your system. No corner is left untouched. No dirt, debris or dust left clinging to the walls of your ductwork.
  • Stage 3: Removal - Once they are certain all contaminants have been loosened by either the air blast or the Teflon ball the technicians then remove those contaminants from the ducts by way of a high powered, truck-mounted vacuum system. This is no ordinary vacuum cleaner. This high powered system is capable of safely pulling every last bit of dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris from every corner of your ductwork quickly and effectively through the predetermined access points. These contaminants never come into contact with any other part of your home. Instead they are whisked through vacuum tubes directly to sealed refuse containers in the truck.

Going the Extra Mile

While our system of residential air duct cleaning is fast, effective and safe we take no chances by making sure that:

  • All your furniture and carpeting is properly protected.
  • The process moves forward in an orderly and patient manner.
  • Our technicians adhere to all current industry standards and practices.

When the cleaning process is complete every grille, vent cover and piece of furniture will be returned to its original position and your home will be left in pristine condition.

Is The Process Dangerous?

Any dangers associated with the process of residential air duct cleaning stem from hiring inexperienced individuals or contractors to carry out the work. Often times the local handyman in an effort to make some extra money decides “How hard can it be?” and offers to clean peoples air ducts at a rock bottom price. The unsuspecting homeowner takes them up on their offer and that’s when the trouble starts.

The inexperienced person or company does not have the right equipment and is not properly trained in:

  • Identifying optimal access points to the system.
  • Securing the system against leaks during the process.
  • Making sure every last piece of dust and debris is loosened and collected.
  • Protecting the homeowner’s valuables.

As a result, loose contaminants often wind up floating through the house while the “cleaning” is going on and settling on countertops, floors and expensive furnishings. Worse yet, the homeowner, their family and pets may wind up inhaling this potentially dangerous mix of contaminants. The amateur duct cleaner then does a half-hearted job trying to clean up after himself. And because he’s not insured you are unable to get restitution for your ruined furniture.

Even if there are no leaks during the process the ducts often don’t get cleaned and much of the loosened dirt and debris in not collected. Instead it is left in the ducts to circulate through the house and clog up the air filter once the system is turned back on.

The best and only way to ensure the process is executed in a safe and timely fashion is to hire a company with the right equipment, properly trained technicians and lots of experience.

The Bottom Line

Residential air duct cleaning is a safe, effective and beneficial process when it is done by highly-trained, seasoned professionals. Talk to the pros at Steve’s Carpet Care about having your air ducts cleaned.

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