There are lots of people out there offering carpet cleaning services. While many of them are well-intentioned and work hard they simply don’t have the equipment necessary to clean your rugs down to the base of the pile. Instead they give your carpets a good vacuuming before whipping out their portable carpet cleaning machine. While a good vacuum and a shampoo is certainly better than nothing the fact is this type of cleaning won’t penetrate to the deepest part of the weave where most of the dirt, dust, pet hair, old skin, dust mites and other contaminants are hiding. For that you need the pros from Steve’s Carpet Cleaning in Denver and their high-intensity, truck mounted steam cleaning machine.

Carpet Cleaning

State of the Art Carpet Cleaning in Denver

We’ve been in business for more than 42 years and learned early on that there was an important difference between merely shampooing a rug and getting it thoroughly clean. While a vacuum and a shampoo will sometimes produce the appearance of cleanliness more often than not it leaves behind lots of deep-seated contaminants, including those that can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

To really reach into the base of the pile and extract those embedded contaminants you need something stronger. That’s why we developed our truck mounted steam cleaning system. With it we can dig down to the base of the thickest weave and extricate even the most dug-in pet hair, mold spores, dust mites, dirt and grime.

How We Do It

The worst of the contaminants that take up residence deep inside your carpeting have little or no fear of the portable shampooing machine used by most carpet cleaning services. While those machines do a pretty decent job of getting the surface of the carpet clean they simply aren’t able to pry loose and remove hair, dust mites and dirt that has been pounded into the base of the carpet by foot traffic.

At Steve’s we take a comprehensive approach to carpet cleaning that’s light years ahead of the standard shampoo.

  • First, we conduct a thorough inspection of your carpet to determine exactly what kind of material, weave and density we’re dealing with. Then we select the best possible cleaning products available for your particular carpeting.
  • After that we pre-spray the carpet. The pre-spray soaks deep into the fabric penetrating and breaking up even the toughest knots of dirt, hair, dead skin, pollen and other debris. Once the pre-spray has done its job we assess the results.
  • If we determine that there are still some holdout areas of stubborn dirt we do preliminary scrub to jar them loose and break them up.

At this point the prep work is done and it’s time to get serious.

Our Truck Based Carpet Cleaning Services

Once all the prep work has been completed the carpet is now ready to undergo state-of-the-art steam cleaning by way of our truck based system. There is no more powerful, more thorough method available for removing dirt and contaminants from your carpet.

Our process employs a self-contained hot water and detergent injection system that penetrates to the base of the pile. Along with a high powered truck based vacuum that sucks every last ultrafine particle from the fabric and deposits it in a waste tank in the truck, never to bother you again.

If used by itself this system would still get your carpets many times cleaner than a standard rug shampoo. But when combined with our comprehensive prep work it is able to return your carpet to pristine condition. About the only thing it can’t do is restore areas of wear and tear.

4 Good Reasons to Choose Steve’s

As we said at the outset there are a number of people out there offering to clean your carpets. Here are 4 good reasons why you should choose Steve’s Carpet Care:

  1. Experience - We’ve been doing this for more than 4 decades and in that time we’ve learned all there is to know about removing dirt and debris from carpeting. In our years of offering carpet cleaning in Denver we’ve seen it all and cleaned it all. No one has a larger or more loyal customer base and we’re proud of the fact that so many of our customers are repeat customers.
  2. Reliability - When we say we’re going to show up at a certain time we’re there. We understand that your time is valuable and do everything in our power to minimize disruptions to your busy schedule. If weather or something else beyond our control interferes with our ability to reach you at the appointed time we contact you ASAP and let you know, so that you’re not left hanging wondering what happened.
  3. Accountability - We’re fully insured so that you never have to worry. If the people cleaning your carpets are not covered for both liability and injury and something happens during the cleaning process you wind up financially responsible. That won’t happen when you enlist the services of Steve’s Carpet Care.
  4. Quality - You can do an internet search for ‘carpet cleaning near me’ and no one that comes up in the search results will do a better job than the pros at Steve’s Carpet Care. That’s not an idle boast on our part. It’s a simple fact.

Don’t entrust the care of your carpets to just anyone with a vacuum cleaner. For the best, most reliable carpet cleaning in Denver call Steve’s Carpet Care at (303) 530-4900.