Oriental rugs are not cheap but the quality of the workmanship and the fact that they can last for centuries if properly cared for make them a worthy investment. Proper care of your Persian rug means keeping it out of direct sunlight, making sure it’s not exposed to excessively moist air and, of course, regular cleaning. By the time your Oriental rug looks dirty chances are there are several pounds of dirt and other contaminants in the fabric. That kind of dirt load is hard on the carpet and undermines the integrity of the fabric. The key to ensuring a long life for your Persian is Oriental rug cleaning from Steve’s Carpet Care.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Why You Need Oriental Rug Cleaning

Whether they be Persian, Bokhara, Ikat, or Chobi Oriental rugs are, unfortunately, dirt magnets. But where does all that dirt come from?

  • Foot Traffic Oriental rugs are both extremely beautiful and extremely functional. Meaning they not only look good they feel great under foot. Because of this they usually wind up in areas that receive lots of foot traffic: the foyer, the living room and perhaps the dining room. It would help ensure a long life for your precious rug and minimize the need for rug cleaning if everyone made sure they took off their shoes before walking on it but that’s not always possible. As a result, your beautiful rug is going to attract a lot of dirt from foot traffic.
  • From the Air - Rugs are some of the best passive air filters around. Any dust, pet hair, human hair or other airborne debris that comes anywhere near them usually winds up being pulled in by the fibers in the carpet and staying until the rug is cleaned. Unlike a hardwood or tile floor with a smooth surface there is plenty of room within and between the fibers of the carpet to trap and hold contaminants. Lots of contaminants. Professional Persian rug cleaning like you’ll get from Steve’s Carpet Care gets right down into the base of the pile and removes every last particle of dirt and debris.
  • From Outdoors - Unless your home is vacuum sealed against the outdoors (and no house is) every time the front door, back door, garage door or a window is opened soot, pollen, mold spores and a host of other allergens and pollutants rush in. These pollutants don’t just disappear. They wind up on and in everything. And when they land on the Persian carpet they come to stay. There they join dust mites, dried mud, mold colonies, bacteria and other contaminants in an Oriental carpet stew. The best way to prevent this from damaging your carpet or potentially causing allergic reactions or illness is to take advantage of Steve’s Oriental rug cleaning services on an annual or twice annual basis.
  • From You - Did you know that the average adult sheds over 8 pounds of skin each and every year? It’s true. So let’s say for the sake of argument that you spend half your life in your home. That means you wind up shedding 4 pounds of skin cells every year in your house. While some of that is shed in the shower and carried away down the drain more than half of it (we’ll say 2 pounds to be conservative) ends up in other places around the house including your Persian carpet. Now multiply that by the number of adults in the house and then add 1 pound for every teenager and another 1/2 pound for every child under 10 and it should become apparent to you that a lot of the “debris” removed through the process of Oriental rug cleaning is actually dead skin. Ewwww...
  • From Your Pets - We love our dogs and cats but it can’t be denied that they generate a ton of pet hair and dander that winds up in the Persian carpet. Depending on what breed of pet you have (and how many) a majority of the contaminants lodged in the fabric of the carpet may come from them. Especially if they tend to sleep on the carpet. A simple vacuuming isn’t going to dislodge pet hair that has been pressed deep into the fabrics of the carpet by people walking on it. You need Steve’s deep cleaning area rug service to reach down to the root of the carpet and pry all that old pet hair loose.

Our Rug Cleaning Method

We subject your precious Persian to a multi-step cleaning procedure that includes:

  • Initial inspection and assessment of its condition.
  • Spot treatments (if necessary) of any stains.
  • Pet urine treatment (if necessary) preceding the wash.
  • Professional washing, rinsing and drying of the carpet.
  • Light grooming of the carpet to restore its loft and vibrance.
  • Comprehensive post-cleaning inspection, followed by any necessary touchups.

We offer free pickup and delivery should your rug cleaning order meet certain minimum requirements.

For Your Health

A majority of allergies stem from contaminants we encounter in the home. As such, having your wall to wall carpets cleaned by Steve’s truck-mounted steam cleaning machine or enlisting the pros from Steve’s to clean your Oriental rugs is one of the best ways to rid your home of harmful allergens and reduce the threat of allergies and respiratory illness such as asthma. Call Steve’s Carpet Care today to learn more about our first-class Persian rug cleaning services and restore your beautiful Oriental to its intended, healthy luster.