At Steve’s Carpet Care we have over 42 years of experience cleaning and maintaining fine oriental rugs. Our Persian rug cleaning method is based on principles that haven’t changed a whole lot over the centuries, except that we use more effective detergents and all cleaning takes place in our state of the art facility, rather than outdoors by the river bank as was often done in ancient times (and is still done in some places today). Our technicians are the best in the business and pay close attention to the smallest details so that the rug we return to you is as close to new as it’s possible to get.

Persian rugs

Our Time-Tested Method of Persian Rug Cleaning

When you entrust the cleaning of your valuable Persian rug to the pros at Steve’s Carpet Care you can rest assured it’s in good hands. Our tried and true method of rug cleaning involves the following 6 steps:

  1. Initial inspection - The first thing we do is hang the rug up and give it a careful but thorough beating. This removes as much loose dirt and debris as possible and makes the rest of the process easier. We then inspect it. This will tell us how the rug needs to be treated and whether we have to give special TLC to any sections of the rug. This way we ensure the cleaning process does not exacerbate any existing problems. If we notice any areas that need repair we’ll inform you of that before proceeding.
  2. Spot treatments - Once as much loose dirt and debris as possible has been beaten out of the rug and the border to border inspection completed we spot treat any areas that might need it. Spot treatment is typically reserved for stains or areas where dirt and grime are particularly concentrated. Spot treatment is not usually necessary if your rug is in a low use area and you have it cleaned on a regular basis.
  3. Pet urine treatments - This is a particular type of spot treatment that uses different cleaners than are used for say, wine stains. Spot treating pet stains prior to the full wash will not only remove the stain but help to ensure that your beautiful Persian is completely odor free when we return it to you.
  4. Full professional wash - With our full professional wash we get deep down to the base of the carpet to root out dirt, grime, pet hair and other allergens. We use only the highest quality detergents specially formulated for Oriental rug cleaning. When the wash is complete we rinse the carpet thoroughly, removing every last vestige of detergent.
  5. Grooming - After the rug has been thoroughly rinsed we conduct a light grooming to restore its loft and vibrance. This is done by hand using special high-quality grooming brushes. It’s crucial that the rug be properly groomed before it’s allowed to dry so that the pile all winds up going in the right direction. If you let the rug dry without grooming it first it will wind up looking dull and worn when you lay it back down. Once grooming is complete the rug is allowed to air dry in the traditional manner.
  6. Post wash inspection - After the rug has dried we lay it out and conduct another comprehensive inspection. We double check all areas that required spot cleaning to make sure they are thoroughly clean and that they don’t stand out from the rest of the rug. If touchups are necessary we undertake them at this point before returning the rug to you.

Why Oriental Rug Cleaning is Not Done in the Home

The first time people call to have their rug cleaned they’re often surprised that we need to remove it from their house to do the work. We totally understand what they’re thinking. Will they ever see it again? Will the cleaners pull the old switch-a-roo? But while we understand why rug owners are nervous there are some very good reasons why we can’t just clean your Persian carpet where it sits

  • The beating - That beating process we discussed above is absolutely necessary to shake loose as much dirt, pet hair and debris as possible. In order to do this we need to hang the rug up. Also, beating the rug in this manner tends to raise a pretty substantial cloud of dust. A cloud of dust you don’t want wafting through your home. For those reasons this part of the process cannot be done in house.
  • The washing - Oriental rug cleaning cannot be conducted in the home because the washing process itself is different from that used to wash standard wall to wall. Persian rug cleaning is a hands on affair and typically involves far more water and detergent than is used on everyday wall to wall carpeting.
  • The drying - The last step in Persian rug cleaning is to hang the rug up and let it air dry. If you shampoo the rug and leave it on the floor to dry you’ll damage the integrity of the fibers and invite all kinds of mold and bacteria to take root in the rug.

The Bottom Line

Persian rug cleaning is a long, exacting process that is labor intensive and uses large amounts of water and elbow grease. As such trying to clean your beautiful Oriental while it remains in place on your floor is folly. Call Steve’s Carpet Care in Westminster to find out more.

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