We’ve spent more than 4 decades keeping the carpets of the Denver Metro area looking great. When people see our trucks many of them approach us with questions like “Do you do carpet cleaning near me?” while others have more “big picture” questions for us. One of the most common is this “Are there any advantages to installing wall to wall carpeting in my home?” It’s a great question. And even though we’re a bit biased we’re going to address it in the most objective way possible so you can make an informed decision.


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In some ways wall to wall carpeting seems like a leftover from a bygone era when gas was 29¢ a gallon and TV antennas dotted the landscape. But it’s actually far more relevant today than ever before and for a lot of good reasons, including:

  • It’s Affordable - 2008 was a reminder just how fragile this whole economy thing actually is. People learned a lot of lessons in the aftermath of the financial meltdown and one was to always seek value when it comes to making decision about the house, lest you wind up in debt you can’t get out from under. Compared to hardwood flooring or even high quality tiles wall to wall carpeting is the affordable choice. And with a little bit of TLC from Steve’s carpet cleaning in Broomfield it will prove itself an outstanding long term value.
  • It’s Low Maintenance - For the most part carpet care consists of vacuuming once a week and having Steve’s carpet cleaning services in once a year with their truck mounted steam cleaning machine. With hardwood on the other hand you have make sure the humidity in the house never gets out of hand and you have to be scrupulous about making sure chairs always have pads under the feet, tables too. Even standard shoes can leave scuff marks that are devilishly difficult to remove. You’ll have to sweep your hardwood floors daily, vacuum and mop them weekly, polish them on a monthly basis and strip and refinish them every couple of years. It all adds up.
  • It’s Environmentally Friendly - How can carpeting be environmentally friendly? Primarily because wall to wall carpeting is a great insulator. It does an outstanding job retaining heat and keeping the room comfy and cozy. You don’t have to turn up the thermostat so high, your energy bills are lower and nobody is walking around in the winter with 2 pairs of socks on because the wood flooring is so cold.
  • It Provides Peace and Quiet - Like carpeting, hardwood floors look great. Unlike carpeting hardwood floors are noise amplifiers. Any sound generated in the room not only bounces off the walls and ceiling but the floor as well. Conversations are amplified and woe unto anyone on the floor below if someone walks across a hardwood floor in heels. Wall to wall carpeting on the other hand is a built-in sound absorption system. Footsteps, conversations, music, TV and video games no longer reverberate through the house. The day you have it installed you’ll notice how much quieter your home is.
  • It’s Versatile - Carpeting does not have to be confined to the living room, den and bedrooms. It can easily be added to stairways and hallways as well where it will help keep the house warmer and quieter. Carpeted stairways are also safer than hardwood stairs. And people are less prone to slipping on carpeted stairs. In addition, if someone has an accident on the stairs they are far less likely to get seriously hurt if the stairs are carpeted. And don’t worry, at Steve’s carpet cleaning, Denver we clean carpeted stairs as well.
  • It Helps Clean the Air - Extensive scientific research backed by the EPA has shown that carpeting is effective at capturing indoor environmental pollutants and preventing them from being circulated throughout the house. This means fewer allergens, fewer mold spores, less dust, pet hair, pet dander, dead skin and pollen circulating around, causing allergies and who knows what else. Vacuuming the carpet once a week removes these pollutants from the carpet and having Steve’s carpet cleaning services in annually takes care of any deep-seeded microbes.
  • It’s Durable - Maybe because carpeting isn’t rock hard and covered in polyurethane people sometimes get the notion that it’s fragile and will need to be replaced every couple of years. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s carpets leverage advanced fiber technology to provide extraordinary toughness and durability while still being soft and comfortable to the touch. Today’s carpets are also more stain resistant than ever before (which isn’t necessarily good for carpet cleaning services, but hey…). There’s no reason the wall to wall you install this year won’t still be going strong and looking good 10, even 20 years or more from now.
  • It’s Great for Kids - Carpeting is a great choice if you have little ones. Not only will it absorb sound (and kids are nothing if not noise factories bless their little hearts), but they’ll be protected when they fall. With carpeting in all the living areas and on the stairs your home will be far safer for your children than if it had hardwood throughout.

Next time you’re tempted to search for “carpet cleaning near me” don’t bother. Give Steve’s Carpet Care a call at (303) 530-4900 instead. We make carpet cleaning in Broomfield easy, fast and affordable.

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