Pets Relaxing On Carpeting

We get a lot of calls from homeowners with pets who need carpet cleaning in Denver. More often than not they didn’t give any real thought to what type of carpeting might be best for their pets and now they have some very stubborn stains. This kind of oversight is understandable. After all, carpeting is carpeting right? And the dog still has to be walked whether you have area rugs or deep pile wall to wall or hardwood floors. Right? Well, in theory, yes. But in reality your best friend is not perfect. They’re also not stupid. Which means they may well decide that they’d rather relieve themselves on the nice warm, plush carpet then go outside where it’s -10 degrees and do it. Below we’re going to look at the best carpeting for pets.

Save on Carpet Cleaning Services by Getting the Right Carpet for Pets

Pets are great for providing undying loyalty and companionship. Most of them, however, don’t really know what to make of carpets. So they feel them out and put them to whatever use seems most appropriate to them. Sometimes that means using them as a nice, comfy toilet. But there are other concerns as well including pet hair, wear and tear and the dirt and debris pets can drag into the house.

You can’t blame your beasties for being beasties. But you can make sure you select carpeting that will stand up best to whatever your pet has in store. Here are some tips on selecting the best carpet for pets.

  • Choose polyester or nylon - If there’s one thing we’ve learned in decades of carpet cleaning in Denver it’s that polyester fabric is without a doubt the most stain resistant type of fabric and will serve you well if your pet is a serial urinator. Nylon is also good, but not quite as good with stains as polyester. However, nylon is typically the most durable type of standard carpeting. So, if you’re mostly worried about wear and tear from your pets nylon is probably your best choice.
  • Select a frieze pile - The pile of the carpeting denotes the type of fibers and how they’re attached to the base. A “frieze” pile is characterized by short, twisted fibers that are extremely durable and great for high traffic areas or homes with more than one pet. In addition to being tough a frieze pile will also conceal dirt and pet hair better than most other types of pile.
  • Embrace the dark side - Darker colors are a common sense choice for homes with pets for a couple of reasons. First, like the frieze pile they do a good job concealing dirt and pet hair. And second, if you weren’t entirely successful removing a tough pet stain the dark color will conceal it better. A darker color can also make a large room seem a bit cozier. So there’s that benefit as well.
  • Consider patterns - Just as dark tones can help you hide a multitude of sins so too can different patterns. A fleck pattern for instance, does a great job concealing pet hair along with dirt and debris tracked into the house. But really, any type of pattern will go a long way toward minimizing the visible effects your pets can have on the carpeting in your house. Essentially, when thinking pets and carpet start by eliminating white and then work from there.
  • Don’t forget the backing - You can have the darkest carpet this side of Darth Vader’s house but if you don’t have the right backing for it you’re going to have a tough time properly removing pet stains. What you want is either a gel or a waterproof backing. Both of these will prevent pet urine from soaking in and taking up permanent residence. Those stains will also be easier for carpet cleaning services to clean up and will make the odors easier to remove completely.
  • Consider carpet tiles - This is an option not a lot of people consider for their home. But it’s an idea that could probably benefit some homeowners who have pets. There’s one big reason for this and that is that should your best friend mistake the carpet for his or her favorite tree you can simply pop out the damaged tile and replace it. Just make sure that when you purchase the tiles that you buy plenty of extras to have on hand in case you ever need them.

Choosing the Right Carpet Isn’t as Tough as it May Seem

Carpets and pets sometimes seem like oil and water. But the fact is you can still have your carpeted cake and eat it too if you’re smart about the type of carpeting you choose for your home. Selecting the right carpet is mostly a matter of being realistic about what your pet is and then finding a material and design that works for both of you. Simply installing expensive white carpets is usually asking for trouble.

Choose Steve’s Carpet Cleaning Services

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