Advantages of Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning

White Steve's Carpet Care &  Restoration work van with truck-mounted cleaning equipment beside Boulder home

At Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration, we use a state-of-the-art truck-mounted steam cleaning system to scour our customers' carpets right down to the pile, removing every last trace of dirt and debris. It's an impressive, innovative system, the kind that separates professional carpet cleaning companies from the wannabes and amateurs.

But not everyone is familiar with this type of system nor do they understand why it's necessary or desirable to use a remote system like this for cleaning carpets. In this post, we're going to take an in-depth look at the truck-mounted carpet cleaning system and highlight its many advantages over other types of carpet care equipment.

What is a Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning System?

The name is pretty self-explanatory. A truck-mounted system is installed inside one of our Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration vans and stays there while the customer's carpets are cleaned. A pair of hoses extend from the truck to the house, one providing the steam and cleaning agents, the other providing the suction that removes moisture and dirt from the carpet and deposits it into a collection tank in the van.

The field technician parks the van as close as is practically possible to the entrance of the home or business in question and extends the carpet wand and attached hoses into the house. The benefits of using this type of system are many and include:

Impressive Power

The power of the truck-mounted cleaning system dwarfs that of a standard wet vac, and there's a good reason for that. Whereas a wet vac is limited by the power it can draw from a wall outlet, the truck-mounted system is powered by the engine of the van or truck it is mounted in. As a result, it has far more power at its disposal than a wet vac, is able to produce many times the amount of suction in order to get right down into the pile, and leaves almost no moisture behind in the carpet.

Higher Pressure

A truck-mounted rug cleaning system produces much higher pressures than a wet vac. That extra pressure is used to force the steam right down into the base of the carpet where bacteria, dust mites, and stubborn, ground-in dirt hide. Once all dirt, debris, and other items have been dislodged from the carpet fiber they are sucked up by that impressive power we mentioned above and returned to the waste tank in the truck. The result is a like-new type of clean.


When the technician arrives with the truck-mounted system there is no need for him to make multiple trips to the van to transport equipment to the house and back. Wet vacs also require the operator to find a water source and then make multiple trips there in order to fill up the device. When cleaning is finished, many more trips will be required to empty the tank. There is none of that with a truck-mounted system. The driver simply parks near the home or business and the aforementioned hoses run into the house. After that, the system is turned on and ready to go.


Unlike carpet cleaning companies that use wet vacs Steve's truck-mounted equipment is able to produce significantly higher temperatures. That's important if you want your carpets to be hygienic because the extra heat has what it takes to kill dust mites and bacteria dug in at the base of the pile. The extra heat generated by the truck-mounted system also does a better job activating the cleaning agents which means less detergent is needed. More effective use of the detergents also produces a higher level of cleanliness in the carpet, enabling it to take on a like-new appearance.


Industry studies indicate that a truck-mounted system can clean an average size room of carpeting as much as three times faster than a rented wet vac. Since almost all of the equipment remains in the truck, setup and breakdown times are minuscule. And because far less water is introduced into your carpeting and the truck-mounted vacuum displays industrial strength a wet vac can't match, your carpets dry much faster than they do after a wet vac.


If you want the wall-to-wall in your home cleaned to perfection all you have to do is call Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration and relax. We arrive at the appointed time, set up in minutes, clean your carpets right down to the pile faster and better than any wet vac ever could, and leave your home looking great. No trudging back and forth to the van and no danger of knocking over a tank full of dirty water inside the house, since the collection tank is located in the van.

Experience the Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration Difference

You can't rent a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system at the home center. You can't achieve the level of cleaning we achieve by renting a wet vac or hiring someone who uses a wet vac. Other companies can't provide the level of speed and convenience you'll enjoy when you hire Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration. And nobody does a better job of wall-to-wall cleaning, area rug cleaning, or carpet repair than the team at Steve's.

If you want to know what it's like to work with a truly professional carpet care company, call Steve's at (303) 530-4900 or write to us at

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