Carpet Maintenance Tips for Allergy Sufferers

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Most folks are unaware that many allergies either originate at home or are exacerbated by conditions around the house. For instance, dirty air ducts can recirculate dirt, dust, mold spores, and all sorts of airborne contaminants throughout the house all day and all night. If left uncleaned carpets can play host to a wide variety of allergens ranging from dust mites to mold and mildew. The answer to this problem is not to chuck your carpets but to arrange for Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration to pay annual visits and scour your carpets from top to bottom.

How Carpet Cleaning in Superior Can Help Allergy Sufferers

Here are six ways that keeping the carpets clean can help those who suffer from allergies.

Reducing symptoms

It's not the allergies that are so vexing, it's the symptoms. Sneezing, headaches, runny noses, rashes, and other symptoms can make home life unpleasant in the extreme. Having your carpets cleaned by the pros at Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration will remove microorganisms and chemical compounds hiding in the carpet that are causing or aggravating your allergy symptoms. Our truck-mounted steam cleaning system kills microorganisms wherever they are and removes them from the waste tank in our truck for safe disposal.

Eliminating dust mites

Dust mites live on dead skin cells shed by pets and people and on unclean carpets there may be as many as 100,000 per square yard. That's right. 100,000 for every square yard! Talk about an allergy nightmare! Steam cleaning your carpets not only kills most dust mites outright, but it also starves any remaining ones of their food source, ensuring they too die off quickly.

Removing pet dander

Most people with pets are unaware of how disruptive pet dander can be to human health. Pet dander has been linked to a slew of health conditions including asthma and allergies and the longer you go without having your carpets cleaned the more pet dander will accumulate in them. Professional carpet cleaning can prevent pet dander from piling up in the carpets

Preventing mold

Mold doesn't appear in carpets overnight, but the longer you go without cleaning your carpets the greater the odds of mold appearing at the base. Some forms of mold are known to be dangerous to human health and at the very least can cause or aggravate allergies. When your carpets are deep-cleaned by the pros at Steve's, any mold lurking in the depths of the pile is eliminated.

Improving air quality

Unbeknownst to most carpeting can have an oversized effect on the quality of the air in a home. Carpeting can attract and trap airborne contaminants from the kitchen, the car, and even the neighbor's barbeque. As more airborne molecules build up in the carpet they begin to emit foul odors and the air quality in the house suffers. Carpet cleaning will eliminate those accumulated pollutants.

Making the floor a safe space for kids

One of the many great things about carpeting is that it can make the house safer for young children. However, if the carpet is never or rarely cleaned it will transform from a net positive to a net negative for the kids and increase the chances that they develop allergies or other conditions. You can prevent that from happening by having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Some Don'ts When It Comes to Carpet Care

Don't entrust the cleaning of your carpets to just anyone. There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies in and around Superior but not all are created equal. Make sure you choose one with a lot of experience.

Don't rent a wet vac and try to clean the carpet yourself. If you do not remove all the waste water from the carpet it could ruin the fibers and promote the growth of mold and mildew.

Don't think that vacuuming is an adequate substitute for steam carpet cleaning. It's not. Vacuuming is important but it will not clear your carpets of substances accumulating deep within the pile.

Contact Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration

Clean carpets will reduce the number and variety of allergens in the home making it more comfortable and hygienic. Steve's has more than four decades of experience cleaning carpets, so call 303-530-4900 today and arrange an appointment.

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