Carpets Crunchy After Cleaning Services? Try These Tips

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If you have carpeting or area rugs in your house there's a good chance you've experienced crunchy carpet syndrome at one time or another. Maybe you shrugged it off. Or maybe you had carpet cleaning services in to get rid of the crunch. Depending on the service, that may or may not work. In this post, the team at Steve's Carpet Care & Restoration discuss the causes of crunchy carpet and provide several fixes that will enable you to put the problem behind you.

What Causes Carpets to Get Crunchy After Cleaning?

Let's look at four reasons why the carpets in your Superior home may have taken on a crunchy feeling.

Too much shampoo was used during the cleaning process

If you enlist Steve's with our truck-mounted steam cleaning machine to clean your carpets this won't happen. But if you've had a less experienced individual or company clean your carpets, they're likely to have used too much shampoo. Carpet shampooing is a tricky business and when too much is used it can be extremely difficult to extricate all of it. Some will inevitably get left behind and harden as the liquids in the shampoo evaporate. The result can be like walking on snow that has a thin layer of ice on it.

Your vacuum isn't powerful enough

This is a common problem. People often think a vacuum is a vacuum and one should be just as good as any other at removing dirt and debris from the carpeting and rugs. Not so. If you haven't had your carpets or rugs cleaned and yet they've been crunchy for a while now, it's likely the culprit is all the detritus at the base of the pile the vacuum cleaner isn't reaching.

It's just been too long since you had the carpets cleaned

As a general rule, you should have your carpets and area rugs cleaned once a year. A good time to do this is in the spring after people spent the winter dragging all types of dirt and debris into the house on their boots. If it's been two or three years - or even four or five - since you had the rugs clean and they now sound like you're walking on potato chips you have a pretty good idea why. Even the strongest vacuum will miss some stuff and over time it will build up, creating the crunchy effect.

Your carpets take a pounding

In homes where people live by themselves or with one other person, the carpets have it pretty easy. But if you have kids and your kids have friends and there are six or 10 (or more) people moving through your house on most days dirt is going to build up fast in the carpeting and rugs. If you don't stay on top of it by vacuuming often the dirt will get ground into the pile and padding causing a crunch feeling.

What Can I Do to Prevent Crunchy Carpets and Rugs?

First off, always make sure you have your carpets cleaned by the pros at Steve's Carpet Care. We are one of the most experienced and trusted carpet cleaning services in Superior with nearly 45 years of helping the people of this area keep their homes clean and hygienic. Our state-of-the-art steam carpet cleaning system ensures a thorough clean every time, with no crunchy aftereffects.

If the problem is your vacuum the answer is obvious: go out and get one that is better suited to your carpets or rugs. When you have us in to clean your rugs our technician will be happy to recommend the right type of vacuum cleaner to suit your specific needs.

If the carpets are crunchy because you haven't had them professionally cleaned in years it's time to pick up the phone and call Steve's. Regardless, of how long it's been we'll scour your carpets right down to the pile removing as much built-up and ground-in dirt and grime as possible.

Finally, if your carpets take a beating it's imperative that you vacuum at least once or twice a week and that you have both carpets and rugs cleaned twice a year instead of once. Staying on top of the situation will not only prevent crunchy carpets from developing but it will extend the useful life of the carpets as well.

For Dependable Carpet Cleaning in Boulder, Trust Steve's

Don't let your carpets descend into crunchiness. Call Steve's today at (303) 530-4900 and make an appointment to have your carpets and area rugs professionally cleaned.

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