How to Protect Commercial Carpeting During Winter Weather

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Carpeting can make your Bloomfield office a much more hospitable place during the long, brutal winters. Among other things they make for a warmer, more inviting workspace and they help businesses keep their heating bills in check. But carpets and area rugs don’t clean themselves. And since more slop is tracked into businesses during the winter than any other time of year it’s crucial that business owners take steps to minimize the impact of winter on their carpeting. Below, the team at Steve’s Carpet Care will discuss numerous ways you can protect your office carpets during the winter.

Five Ways to Protect Your Commercial Carpets During Winter

Whether you have wall-to-wall carpeting in your office or throw rugs in your antique store, keeping them clean during the winter can be a challenge. To help make things easier for you the experts at Steve’s Carpet Care have brought together the following list of ways you can protect your commercial carpets from the ravages of winter.

1: Choose the right kind and color of carpeting

If you are about to move into a new space and plan on installing carpeting or rugs it’s vitally important that you choose the right kind of carpeting. When it comes to enduring the stresses imposed by commercial establishments, not all carpets are created equal. Some will stand up to heavy traffic, others will not. Some will be easy to clean, others will not. Carpets made of nylon fibers, for instance, are tough and durable, look good and retain their original texture longer than many natural fibers.

But beyond the fiber, it's also important that you consider the color of the carpeting you are about to install in your business. Light color carpeting is almost always a mistake, as it highlights dirt and stains and will require almost constant cleaning. In most cases, a neutral gray trending toward darker tones is the best choice.

2: Provide mats at all entrances

Most homeowners will put tough, abrasive mats outside entrance doors so that people can clean the bottom of their shoes and boots before entering. Businesses should do the same thing. If you have a retail establishment that faces the street there should be a mat outside and another one inside the front door with a visible reminder to people to wipe their shoes off before entering.

The more slush, mud, rock salt and dirty water you can keep off of your carpeting and rugs the easier it will be to maintain them. To that end, if you think your company culture will accept it try banning shoes entirely from the carpeted area of the business. It might take some employees a while to get used to it, but it will have the effect of dramatically reducing how often you need carpet cleaning and it will extend the life of the carpeting as well.

3: Vacuum often

Most businesses with large offices have contract cleaners come in every night to vacuum, empty the waste baskets and generally tidy up. But if yours is a small business and that kind of service is outside your company budget you can still make sure your carpets are properly cared for by vacuuming the carpets yourself a couple of times per week. If you consider vacuuming the carpets to be a little below your pay grade, one of the aforementioned carpet cleaning companies will no doubt be willing to send a single individual around a couple of times per week to do the deed.

4: Change the air filters in your HVAC system regularly

"What’s that?" you say. "What do air filters have to do with my carpets?" Plenty, as it turns out. The job of the HVAC system in any home or business is to pull dirty air in, filter out dirt, dust, mold spores and other contaminants and then heat or cool the air and return it to the space. But if the air filters have not been changed frequently they’ll lose their ability to filter out those contaminants that will wind up being returned to the office where staff members will breathe them in.

Not only that, but many of those particles will wind up settling into the carpets, making it necessary to call for commercial carpet cleaning in Broomfield more often than you should have to. Most HVAC experts recommend changing air filters every two to three months. You should also look into having your air ducts professionally cleaned at least once a year to help keep your carpets as clean as possible.

5: Have the carpets professionally cleaned

Carpeting in commercial establishments typically receives many times as much foot traffic as carpeting in the average home. For that reason, it's necessary to have commercial carpets professionally cleaned more often than residential carpets. It's recommended the average business should have its carpets cleaned twice a year. Any more is probably overkill. Any less will expose your carpets to long-term damage that could reduce its intended lifespan.

Carpeting is a major investment. Not caring for it properly will not only reduce its lifespan it’s also likely to nullify the warranty. That’s because most carpet warranties stipulate the carpet be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. But beyond warranty concerns, having your carpets professionally cleaned during the winter can brighten up everyone’s spirits.

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