How to Remedy Indentations in Carpets

Textured gray carpeting with noticable indentation remaining from furniture

Indentations, divots or dents. No matter what name they go by in your home, we know they are unwanted guests. We all take great pride in our carpets, ensuring we do not stain them and carefully cleaning them to ensure they do not lose color. However, if you are like the rest of us and have furniture, avoiding those pesky carpet indentations is impossible. Maybe you have arrived at your new home that has the previous owner's carpet dents or simply reshuffled your furniture and are left with reminders of its previous location. Whatever the case may be, there are a variety of simple methods that can help remove these carpet indentations.

While you can employ the services of carpet cleaning companies to provide deep carpet cleaning and remove carpet indentations, there are alternative avenues you can explore first. In this post, we take a closer look at four methods that can help you return your carpets and rugs to their former glory.

Method One: Remove Indentations Using a Vacuum

The simplest method of removing carpet dents is with a vacuum. While many of you may have already tried this or vacuum every day and still have those annoying divots dotted around the room, follow these simple steps for the best results. For the more stubborn indentations, you will first want to loosen the carpet fibers. You can achieve this by using your fingers or by rubbing a soft-bristled brush over the affected area. After this, give the area - and the surrounding area - a good vacuum.

The stronger the suction of the vacuum, the better. This is why we advise that you get professional carpet cleaning services or rug cleaning, as they have the best tools available. Truck-mounted steam cleaning machines will work better than your standard household vacuum.

Method Two: Remove Carpet Dents with Ice Cubes

If for some reason, you don't have a vacuum, you must have ice, right? This method can also be used in conjunction with the vacuum method to increase its effectiveness.

Head into your kitchen and collect some ice; several cubes should do, but more is advised if you are dealing with a larger indentation, and you will also need a sponge. First of all, you will need to place the ice cubes where the indentations are and wait for them to melt. As the cubes of ice melt, the carpet fibers will begin to soak up the water and slowly rise. If the indentation is proving to be stubborn, the fibers may need some encouragement, and using a spoon or a coin to lift them gently can help.

Method Three: Remove Indentations Using an Iron

You may find this method referred to as the "towel method," as it also involves using a towel or a similar piece of cloth.

To get started with this method, grab your towel or piece of cloth and soak it in water before wringing out the excess water. Now that your towel is damp, you should proceed to place it over the indentation in your carpet, and now you are ready to apply steam to the equation. Grab your iron and set it to medium heat to reduce the chances of scolding your towel and/or carpet, and then hold it just above the area you wish to treat.

The heat from the iron will create steam beneath the towel, penetrating the carpet fibers and helping to plump them back into their original shape. You can use a spoon or coin to help lift the fibers. This method of treatment has been recorded to help even some of the most severe carpet dents, but you must be careful not to burn your precious carpet.

Method Four: Remove Carpet Dents Using a Hairdryer

The hairdryer method is similar to the iron method but poses slightly less chance of causing damage to your carpet.

To start, this method requires two items; a hairdryer and a spray bottle of water; if you do not own a spray bottle, then there is no need to worry as this method still works without one. Firstly. Use the spray bottle to saturate the indentation with water; if you do not have a spray bottle, simply drip water onto the indentation and soak up any excess with a sponge. Then, using your hairdryer on the hottest setting, aim the stream of hot air at the indentation. When doing this, do not hold the hairdryer too close to your carpet, as you could burn it. We advise that you hold the hairdryer around six inches away from the carpet and continuously move it from side to side.

As the hot air creates steam and slowly dries your carpet fibers, the fibers will be easier to fluff up to their original shape.

Most Efficient Carpet Repair Services

Although the above remedies can prove to be very helpful in removing carpet indentations, nothing comes close to proper carpet cleaning provided by carpet cleaning companies like us. We at Steve’s Carpet Care & Restoration have tried and tested all the best methods to ensure we provide an exceptional service every single time. No matter whether you are in need of carpet repair or large or small area rug cleaning, our team of experts ensures results that are unmatched.

So, if you are ever in need of five-star carpet care and restoration services in the Denver area, do not hesitate to contact us at (303) 530-4900.

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