How to Prevent Hardwood Floors from Warping

Close-up view of slightly warped hardwood flooring planks

Good quality hardwood flooring can add a real touch of style and elegance to any indoor space, including residential properties of all types and sizes. However, if you want it to stay looking good for years to come, you need to learn how to maintain it properly: hardwood flooring is prone to a few common issues that can really spoil its appearance. Fortunately, these issues can easily be avoided with a little care and attention. The time you invest in maintaining and cleaning hardwood floors will really pay dividends in the long term if you get it right and, in this article, we’re going to discuss how you can get off to a great start by dealing effectively with one of the most annoying issues that poorly maintained hardwood floors are susceptible too – warping/buckling. We’ll cover all of the most common causes and tell you what you can do to prevent them from spoiling your beautiful floor.

Hardwood Floor Buckling and Warping Explained by the Professionals

As one of the leading hardwood floor cleaning and carpet cleaning companies in Lafayette, we have seen more than our fair share of buckled flooring over the years. As flooring maintenance and repair specialists, we have also helped many local homeowners to restore their flooring to its previous condition but, unfortunately, when the warping or buckling is too severe, this is simply not possible. The only effective solution in such cases is to replace the affected boards with new ones. With this in mind, we decided to share our top preventative tips with you, in the hope they may help you to save your hardwood flooring from buckling.

Water Damage

An excess of water is never a good thing for hardwood flooring. Real timber floors will absorb the moisture and swell as a result. This swelling causes warping and buckling. The best way to avoid the possibility of excess water spoiling your flooring is to perform regular checks for plumbing leaks in your home and never to use too much water when cleaning hardwood floors.

Large Temperature Swings

If the air circulating around your home changes temperature too rapidly, it may cause your timber flooring to buckle and warp. The best way to avoid this particular issue is to ensure that your HVAC system is always running smoothly. Find a reliable local HVAC maintenance company and have them come and service your furnace and air conditioning equipment on a regular basis.

Improper Installation

If your hardwood floors are improperly installed, they may naturally be more prone to buckling and warping. Again, the solution to this particular issue is quite simple: do your homework before choosing a company to install your flooring. Only consider reputable companies with an excellent track record and, as you would with hardwood flooring and carpet cleaning companies, ask for references from previously satisfied customers if you are at all unsure.


Excessive humidity can be just as bad for your floor as excess water. Humidity is, after all, just a term that we use to describe the amount of water molecules in the air at any given time. You can prevent the air in your home from becoming too humid by maintaining your air conditioning in excellent working order on a year round basis. For those who live in more humid parts of the country, it may be worth investing in dehumidifiers as well.

Damp Subflooring

If the subflooring on which your timber floors are laid is overly moist, this will inevitably lead to buckling and warping over time. Wooden subfloors are the worst culprit as far as this issue is concerned but even concrete subfloors can cause buckling and warping if they contain too much moisture. The best way to avoid problems caused by moist subfloors is to have them tested before laying any hardwood flooring in your home.

Failure to Acclimate Timber Flooring Before It Is Installed

The individual planks that comprise your hardwood flooring should be left in your home for at least two weeks before they are installed. In this way, you can ensure they are fully acclimated to the local conditions. Any planks that buckle or warp can be discarded, helping to avoid future deformation problems.

If you would like professional help keeping your wooden floors in good condition, please don’t hesitate to contact our floor cleaning team. We are experts at cleaning hardwood floors in Lafayette and the surrounding area and would be delighted to assist you.

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