Realtor handing house key to new homeowner beside 'SOLD' sign in front yard

Moving into a new home is an exciting prospect. There are a thousand things to consider, a thousand details that have to be addressed and somewhere along the way you need to find time to meet your new neighbors and acclimate to your new surroundings. The last thing you want is to move in and discover after the fact that the carpeting was left in a less than ideal state by the previous owner. Which means if you just bought a new house the time to call Steve's Carpet Cleaning services is after the previous owner moves out but before you move in.

Is Carpet Cleaning Before I Move in Really Necessary?

Yes. If you bought a house that has wall-to-wall carpeting you should absolutely have it professionally cleaned prior to moving in. The following are just a few reasons why that is so.

Carpeting is a great way to make a home more beautiful and comfortable year-round. That's the upside. The downside is that the average carpet plays host to more germs than a toilet seat. Why? Because most homeowners don't have their carpets cleaned on a regular basis. So all types of allergens, bacteria and other nasties have plenty of time to establish themselves.

An analysis of carpet dirt concluded that more than a third of it is human hair. That's human hair from the previous owner. If the previous owner had pets another significant chunk of the detritus in the carpet is pet hair and pet dander. About 5% of carpet dirt is actually dead skin cells (from the previous owner) and the remainder is comprised of fungal spores and decomposing plant matter brought in from outside. Yuck!

Germs can survive in carpeting for long periods of time, while experts believe the coronavirus can live in carpeting for several days. Longer if the conditions are just right. You really don't want anyone in the family getting sick after you move in because the previous owner didn't clean the carpets often enough. A thorough cleaning with our truck-mounted steam cleaning technology reduces the odds of that happening to almost zero.

More Benefits of Having the Carpets Cleaned Before Moving In

Ridding your carpets of bacteria, viruses and old pet dander before you move in is important. But there are other benefits to searching for "carpet cleaning services near me" and calling Steve's before you install all your furniture. These include:

  • Better air quality - If the carpeting is not mucked up with old skin cells, moldering pet hair and fungi the air throughout the house is going to be fresher and healthier. Not only that but you will eliminate numerous microbes that could cause or aggravate allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions.
  • A better smelling house - When carpet cleaning companies state that your home will smell better if you have the carpets cleaned they're not fooling. Eliminating the detritus festering deep down in the carpet will provide a quick and noticeable improvement in the way the house smells.
  • A better looking house - When you have friends, family and those new neighbors we mentioned earlier over for a housewarming party you want the house to look as good as possible. When you have the carpets professionally cleaned before moving in, it will.
  • While you're having the wall-to-wall cleaned you should also make sure you ask us about our rug cleaning and area rug cleaning services. And if there are any defects in the carpeting talk to us about our carpet repair service.

    Why Choose Steve's Carpet Care?

    There are a lot of companies and individuals out there who will offer to clean your carpets at rock-bottom prices, so why choose Steve's?

    Unparalleled experience

    We have been helping Colorado homeowners (and businesses) keep their carpets looking great for more than 44 years. In that time we have built a reputation for top-quality work at reasonable prices. We're proud of that reputation and strive to be worthy of it every single day.

    Latest technology

    Our truck-mounted steam cleaning system represents the absolute state-of-the-art. With it, we're able to reach right down into the base of the pile and remove every last grain of dust along with any malicious microbes hiding there.

    Fully licensed and insured

    You know why some of our competitors are able to offer rock-bottom prices? Because they're not insured. That may not seem like a big deal, but if they damage anything while working in your home, or if one of their workers gets injured on your property you'll be footing the bill. That won't ever happen with Steve's.

    Outstanding customer service

    Some contractors disappear as soon as the check clears. If you have any questions or concerns they're nowhere to be found. At Steve's we're proud members of the Colorado business community. When you enlist our services the lines of communication are always open.

    Contact Steve's Today

    Before you move into your new home make sure to contact the team at Steve's Carpet Care and ask about our full range of carpet-related services. By cleaning the carpets prior to moving in you will ensure your home looks and feels as good as possible, that the atmosphere is clean and hygienic and that you and your loved ones are not living in the carpet backwash of the previous owner. You can find us by searching for "carpet cleaning near me". Or better yet, just give us a call at (303) 530-4900 during normal business hours.