Springtime is the Right Time to Have Your Persian Rug Cleaned

With winter in the rear view mirror it’s time to fling open the windows and engage in some serious spring cleaning. After months of confinement everything usually needs some attention this time of the year and that includes your beautiful oriental carpets. The winter is particularly hard on carpeting because, try as we may, it’s almost impossible not to track dirt, mud, de-icing chemicals, salt, sand used on sidewalks and a million other things into the house on the bottom of our boots. A good portion of that will end up in the fibers of your prized Persian. So it’s in your interest, and the long term interest of your carpeting, that you call Steve’s for professional Oriental rug cleaning.

Persian Rug Cleaning

7 Reasons to Call Steve’s for Persian Rug Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to also engage in Oriental rug cleaning. Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Get the house ready for summer get togethers - We often think of “the holidays” as meaning Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. But they could just as easily be Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. Or for that matter, any warm sunny summertime Sunday when you have friends and neighbors over for barbeque. When you open your house to warm weather guests you want it to look great from the front door to the fence around the backyard. Having your Persian professionally cleaned will make your interior pop.
  2. Return your rug to a healthy state - As beautiful as they are Persian carpets are still carpets. That means they attract microbes who love to hide out in the pile. During the winter when the rug plays an important role keeping things warm underfoot and retaining heat in the room invasive bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, pet dander and more accumulate in the rug. Come springtime it’s time to turn the rug over to Steve’s and have it cleansed of all these various health hazards.
  3. Remove stains - Those winter holidays often mean large numbers of people in the house consuming large amounts of food, wine, beer, juice, pie and more. It also means that some of those things are going to wind up being spilled on the carpet. Chances are good that you likely didn’t notice any stains until long after they occurred and now they need professional attention. Our hot water extraction method can remove even some of the toughest red wine stains.
  4. Banish odors - Stains aren’t the only indicator that it’s time to get your Persian rug some much needed attention. During a long winter the rug can also acquire a pretty unpleasant odor. Perhaps food was dropped on it during Thanksgiving dinner and some of it wasn’t removed. Or maybe the dog had an accident, or the cat. And while you tried to clean up after them you didn’t quite get it all. Whatever the cause professional Persian rug cleaning can purge your carpet of foul odors.
  5. Extend the life of your Persian - Oriental rug cleaning doesn’t just remove stains and odors from your carpet it also very much extends the life of your Oriental. The longer dirt, dust and other debris is allowed to grind into the base of the rug the more long term damage it does to the integrity of the rug. Fibers begin to break down, colors get ground out of the rug as though sand blasted and rot can set in at the base. By having your Persian cleaned at the end of winter you put it back on the road toward a long happy life.
  6. Make your own life easier - Once you’ve had the Oriental rug cleaning experts at Steve’s restore your Persian to its natural brilliance it then becomes easier to maintain. You won’t be fighting thick layers of dirt, dust, pet hair and mold spores every time you vacuum. Just run the vacuum over it a couple of times a week and it will be in tip top shape to wow guests and make your life more beautiful and comfortable. Keep in mind as well that if your Oriental is fairly new and under warranty you may be required to have it cleaned periodically in order to live up to the terms of the warranty. Failing to maintain it properly could void that warranty.
  7. It will match the rest of the house - If you go ahead and engage in full on spring cleaning but don’t have your Persian professionally cleaned at the same time it’s going to look pretty strange. Your furniture, window treatments, bookshelves, end tables and more will all sparkle while your Persian - which occupies the pride of place in your living room - will be a dingy, dusty mess. Oriental rug cleaning then can put the finishing touch on your big spring cleanup.

Don’t Hesitate: Call Steve’s Carpet Care Today

If it’s been more than a year since you had our Persian rug cleaning pros in to take your Oriental away for a good cleaning it’s time to ring them up again. Annual rug cleaning is as important to the long term life of your Persian as changing the oil is to the long term life of your car. If you have kids and pets in the house then having the rug cleaned more than once a year is essential. Not only for the sake of the rug but for the sake of your kids and pets, who you don’t want to be playing on a carpet of dust mites, mold and pollen.

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