Think Your Dirty Carpet Isn’t a Health Hazard? Think Again

One of these days you’ll get around to cleaning your dirty carpet. But there’s no rush. After all, it’s only dirt. Right? Unfortunately, a carpet that hasn’t been professionally cleaned in some time harbors more than just some harmless dirt from the backyard or some crumbs from that sandwich you ate while watching the big game. The truth is carpets can and do play host to a dizzying array of allergens, bacteria, molds, chemicals, festering organic material, dust mites and more. Below we’re going to put the average dirty carpet under the microscope to why you should consider professional carpet cleaning in Longmont.

Carpet Health Threats

Carpet Cleaning Services Restore the Health of Your Home

Carpets aren’t the only place dangerous microbes, allergens and more can take root in your home. The kitchen, bathroom, basement and more also pose health hazards if you don’t keep them clean. But in this case we’re looking at carpets. Here are just some of the microbes that will call your carpets home if you don’t have them periodically cleaned:

Staphylococcus aureus

Staphylococcus aureus - commonly referred to as “Staph virus” is a particularly foul tempered little creature. It often enters your house on the soles of the feet of people who frequent health clubs (oh the irony). Once inside it burrows into the carpet and glums onto anyone who might saunter through with bare feet.

If that person also happens to have a cut on their foot they stand a good chance of developing a staph infection. Staph infections are potentially life threatening since there are now several antibiotic resistant strains making the rounds.


This is not a widely known bacteria but if you’ve ever known someone who contracted a campylobacter infection you’re not likely to forget it. Extreme temperatures, debilitating diarrhea, painful cramps and dramatic weight loss are just some of the symptoms.

Campylobacter infection often results from eating bad chicken, but it can also be brought into the home on the soles of your shoes if you or someone else stepped in animal feces while out and about. Once in the carpet this tough, dangerous bacteria bides its time waiting for an opportunity to penetrate through a cut or abrasion. And once it does, all bets are off. Professional carpet cleaning services can rid you of this unwelcome guest.


Micrococcus is another microbe that’s dragged into the house on the soles of shoes or even bare feet during the warm weather months. But that’s not the only way it can invade your home. It’s also been known to be carried in dust that floats on the wind.

So in a state like Colorado where dust storms are part of life the chance micrococcus is lurking somewhere in your home, including in your carpets, is pretty good. To rid your carpets of this homewrecker search for “carpet cleaning near me” and click on the Steve’s Carpet Care link.


Norovirus can live in the pile of your carpeting for 6 months, patiently waiting for an opportunity to spread to what it considers greener pastures. Nearly 20 million Americans each year contract norovirus infections. How does it get into your home? Often times via food. But it can also be passed person to person by touch.

So if one of the kids comes in contact with a friend who has the virus and then lays on your carpeting when they get home the virus can hop off and take up residence in the pile. Steve’s Carpet Cleaning in Westminster can rid your carpets of norovirus.


There are more than 100,000 known species of mold on earth. And while most are fairly benign there are some that you don’t want anywhere near yourself or your loved ones. Oftentimes people develop respiratory infections and/or breathing difficulties and chalk it up to seasonal allergies or smog. When the real culprit is in fact one of a number of different mold spores that have entered your home through open windows or on clothes or shoes and taken up residence in the carpeting.

The best and fastest way to rid your carpets of potentially dangerous mold is to enlist Steve’s carpet cleaning services. Molds and other fungi are no match for our truck mounted steam cleaning machine. We clean right down to the base of the pile and eliminate any unwanted microbes that may be hiding there.

Thank You For Removing Your Shoes

While there is no way to completely prevent dangerous microbes from entering the house and taking up residence in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage and the carpeting asking people to remove their shoes once inside the door will go a long way toward minimizing the problem. Consider these facts:

  • Some type of animal feces is present on more than 95% of all shoes
  • Bacteria can live on the soles of your shoes for months.
  • If shoes are worn inside the house there is near ironclad certainty that some form of bacteria or virus will move from the soles of the shoes onto other surfaces.

Call the Experts from Steve’s Carpet Cleaning Westminster

The first thing to do to rid your carpeting of all these micro-invaders is to call the experts from Steve’s. We’re the carpet cleaning services more folks in this part of Colorado trust more than any other. We have more than four decades of experience cleaning carpets in Longmont, Littleton, Denver and beyond. Call our professional carpet cleaning team today, and we'll return your carpets to a pristine state in no time.

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