Dryer Vent Cleaning vs. Air Duct Cleaning

Exterior View of Adjacent Aluminum Air Ducts

Did you know that your home has different kinds of ventilation systems? It's true. There's your heating and cooling system, laundry dryer vent, and kitchen and bathroom ventilation systems, among other types of ventilation. Each one serves a specific purpose, and all are crucial to airflow within your home and the quality of the air you and your loved ones and visitors breathe daily.

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How Often Do Carpets Need Deep Cleaning?

Day Planner Open on Kitchen Table to Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Carpeting can really enhance the look and comfort level of a house. But, like every other part of the house, carpeting doesn’t take care of itself. If you want your carpeting to last, and want it to be hygienic and comfortable, then you have to bring in the carpet cleaning services from time to time. But how can you determine what ‘time to time’ means for you?

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The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make If You Stain Your Carpet 

Woman in black long-sleeved shirt clutching cleaning products to chest before attempting DIY carpet stain removal

Mistakes happen when it comes to carpeting, and we’ve seen and heard nearly all of them in the past 40 plus years. You spilled coffee. Someone dropped a glass of wine. Your dog rushed in through the back door after playing in the mud before you could catch him. Maybe your toddler’s diaper sprung a leak. Here are the biggest mistakes you can make if you stain your carpet, and what to avoid if going the DIY route.

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