Dryer Vent Cleaning is Essential Home Maintenance

Most homeowners understand the importance of keeping their gutters clean, of making sure the chimney is clear of obstructions if they have a working fireplace and of cleaning the lint screen in the dryer after every load. What they don’t give much thought to is the dryer vent. Oh sure, they are aware of it. They see steam emanating from it during the winter months as they walk to the car or shovel the driveway or clear snow from the porch. They don’t stop to give it much thought beyond that, however. But they should. Because while ignoring the gutters can result in water damage to the house ignoring the need for dryer vent cleaning can result in the loss of the house and the people in it.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Steve’s Carpet Cleaning Denver: More Than a Vacuum and Shampoo

There are lots of people out there offering carpet cleaning services. While many of them are well-intentioned and work hard they simply don’t have the equipment necessary to clean your rugs down to the base of the pile. Instead they give your carpets a good vacuuming before whipping out their portable carpet cleaning machine. While a good vacuum and a shampoo is certainly better than nothing the fact is this type of cleaning won’t penetrate to the deepest part of the weave where most of the dirt, dust, pet hair, old skin, dust mites and other contaminants are hiding. For that you need the pros from Steve’s Carpet Cleaning in Denver and their high-intensity, truck mounted steam cleaning machine.

Carpet Cleaning

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Can I Do My Own Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is vital to maintaining a healthy environment inside the home. Dirty vents circulate all types of dust, debris, pet dander and mold spores along with all kinds of irritating and even dangerous microbes that are the root cause of allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems big and small. Many people are not aware their allergies or asthma were born in the air ducts of their home. Others discover the truth and decide to try and clean the air ducts themselves. But is this a good idea?

DIY air duct cleaning vs hiring a professional

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Microbes Never Rest: Why Carpet Cleaning is So Important

Carpets feel great, keep your feet nice and warm on those cold winter nights and absorb sound, making the house quieter and more peaceful for everybody. They also look great and, unless someone spills something on them, they don’t need more than the occasional vacuuming and maybe a shampoo every few years. Right? Not exactly. While carpeting does feel great, absorb sound and make your house quieter and more comfortable the notion that it doesn’t need more than the occasional pass with the vacuum isn’t really accurate. You see, the same things that make carpeting feel great to walk on also make it the ideal place for microbes to set up house. As such the longer you go without calling for professional carpet cleaning services the more potentially dangerous your beautiful carpet becomes.


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