The Most Common Dryer Vent Issues

Examining a Dirty Dryer Vent

The clothes dryer is widely considered to be an essential modern convenience. And we wouldn’t argue with that. After all, even if you live in a place where you’re able to hang your clothes outside on the line who actually has the time to do that anymore? And besides, what do you do when it’s below freezing for days at a time? So you don’t have to work too hard to make a compelling argument for the clothes dryer. But there is one aspect of the modern dryer that is both little talked about and the source of a slew of potential problems: the dryer vent. In this post, we're going to take a close look at common dryer vent issues and the need for regular vent cleaning.

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A Few Persistent Myths About Upholstery Cleaning

Post-It With Question Mark On Carpeting

Most homeowners in Colorado are diligent when it comes to having their carpets and air ducts cleaned. A growing number are also becoming aware of the importance of dryer vent cleaning. And that is a very good thing that will ultimately lead to fewer house fires. But one area where local diligence is sometimes lacking is upholstery cleaning. In some cases, it's just a matter of people not realizing how dirty upholstery can actually get.

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How Animals Get Into Your Air Ducts and Dryer Vent - And What You Can Do About It

Mouse Hiding His Face

Air duct cleaning for Westminster homes is essential maintenance and should be performed every two to three years at minimum. That’s because here in Colorado all manner of dirt, debris, pollen and living, breathing creatures can wind up in your air ducts. Living, breathing creatures? Like animals? That’s right. Birds included. In our years of ductwork and dryer vent cleaning we’ve come across just about everything including mice, squirrels, birds, bees and more. In some cases they’re dead but in other cases they’re alive and living large in the ducts or vents. Once the surprise wears off homeowners want to know how these uninvited guests got into their ductwork in the first place.

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How to Tell if You Have an Oriental or Persian Rug

Persian and Oriental Rugs

At Steve’s Carpet Care we offer the best Persian and Oriental rug cleaning in Colorado. We have many years’ experience in the care and cleaning of these precious heirloom rugs and devote a lot of time and energy into ensuring their integrity and longevity. During the course of our business we often encounter owners unsure whether they have a Persian rug or an Oriental rug. If the rug was bought new or from an auction house there should be no doubt about it provenance. However, some folks purchased their rugs from private sellers or they inherited their rugs from relatives. In either case the exact nature and origins of the rug are unknown to them because the rug has no tag. Or maybe an aftermarket tag has been affixed to the rug by a reseller. So how can you tell for sure which type of rug you have?

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