Ten Reasons Why Air Duct Cleaning and Upkeep are Essential

Closeup view of clean aluminum air duct tubing against orange background

Since first-time home ownership is no small feat for most Americans today, home maintenance and upkeep is nothing to be taken lightly. It’s essential to maintain the value of our lifetime’s largest investment - and maintain the health and comfort of the space our families spend their days. Leaky and unclean air vents are harmful in a number of serious ways - causing costly risks to your health, your home’s longevity, and even your hard-earned cash.

What problems can arise from air ducts which aren’t properly cleaned and maintained? Our ventilation experts are here to explain the most common and concerning issues caused by improperly maintained air ducts - and what you can do to prevent these in your home.

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Six Open Spots in Boulder and Their COVID-19 Standards

Exterior View of the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. Photo Credit: https://BoulderColoradoUSA.com

More than 16 million cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed to date, with the virus claiming more than 650,000 lives. While the scientific community fervently seeks a cure and/or preventative vaccine, the spread of COVID-19 will inevitably continue. Thankfully, we can collectively help to reduce the impact of coronavirus through simple actions, which reduce the risk of contracting or unintentionally spreading COVID-19. By wearing masks, staying six feet or more from others, frequently disinfecting common surfaces and washing our hands for at least twenty seconds, we can slow the spread of coronavirus and save the lives of local citizens.

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How to Store Your Rug When Not in Use

Red Persian Specialty Rug Rolled Up for Basement Storage

Maintaining the integrity and beauty of your house is a big chore. However, the results demonstrate pride not only in your residence and personal property, but all the effort you've put forth to achieve your goal of homeownership. One of the first things a visitor notices is flooring, and whether you choose hardwood, carpeting, tile, or linoleum, its condition makes an impression on people. If you own an area rug, storing it when not in use is the key to ensuring its beauty and longevity as well as selecting reputable carpet cleaning services when needed. Here’s some helpful information.

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How to Remove Musty Odors From a Persian Rug

Brown dog sleeps on musty Persian rug in Denver-area home

Sometimes, the worse something smells, the older it is. And that’s not always a bad thing. That’s true in the case of a Persian rug – whose odor not only helps determine its age, but also its value relative to other floor coverings. The power of an odor, however, is subjective.

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