If Dryer Vents Are So Dangerous, Why Use Them?


If you have spent any time reading the Steve's Carpet Care blog, you know that we spend a lot of time emphasizing the dangers of the dryer vent and the need for dryer vent cleaning. We're serious about this issue because every year, more than 15,000 house fires in North America start in the dryer vent. And not everyone escapes from those fires. But raising awareness of the issue has also raised a pretty simple and important question in the minds of many of our customers. And it's this: "If dryer vents are so dangerous, why use them?"

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Buckled Carpeting: Another Reason Not to Clean Your Carpets Yourself

Buckled Carpeting

Home centers, hardware stores, and other outlets are more than eager to rent you a machine to shampoo your own carpets. They tout how easy it is to do, how great it is to take back control of home maintenance and, especially, how much money you'll save by not hiring professional carpet cleaning services. It all sounds great, and if it worked as advertised, we would have been out of business a long time ago. But the thing is, it doesn't.

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Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When They Try to Clean Their Own Carpets

Man Regrets DIY Cleaning Mistakes

Lots of people like to take the bull by the horns and do their own home maintenance. And in a lot of cases, they do a great job. Replacing tiles in the bathroom, hanging new light fixtures or hanging a new front door are all projects DIYers typically excel at. The most important thing about the do-it-yourself impulse though, is knowing when to step back and call the pros. And carpet cleaning is one such case. Carpet cleaning? Yup.

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