Top Signs You Need Home Air Duct Cleaning

The air ducts are the respiratory system of your home and function in much the same way your lungs do. They pull in air, remove pollutants and distribute clean air throughout the body of the house. When everything is running properly your house is a safe, healthy environment where people and pets are able to thrive. However, when the system is not filtering out pollutants or when the ducts have become clogged with contaminants the home environment suffers. The result is often allergies, asthma and a slew of other respiratory issues. Home air duct cleaning can remove dangerous contaminants from your ductwork and restore the safe, nurturing environment within your home. But what are the signs that indicate it’s time to clean your air ducts?

Dirty Air Vent

These Signs Indicate Home Air Duct Cleaning is Necessary

It’s not necessary to have your air ducts cleaned every week, month or even year. Instead, the decision to have your ductwork cleaned is usually driven by circumstances. For instance:

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How Are Air Ducts Cleaned and is the Process Dangerous?

Having your air ducts cleaned is one of the best ways to ensure your entire HVAC system is always running smoothly and efficiently. It’s also one of the most important things you can do to ensure the environment in your home is safe for family, friends, holiday guests and pets. But homeowners have a lot of questions about residential air duct cleaning and that’s understandable. They want to know what is being done and why. And maybe most of all, they want to know if any part of the process is potentially dangerous. Below we’re going to take a comprehensive look at residential air duct cleaning.

Whats living in your dirty air ducts

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6 Ways That Leaky Air Ducts Can Endanger Health and Cost Money

When we conduct residential air duct maintenance we do more than simply blow the dust out of your ductwork. We also inspect every joint and every connector in every duct to make sure nothing has come loose. You might think that we’re being overly cautious. After all, how could ducts possibly come loose? We’ll answer that question and look at the problems caused by leaky ductwork below.

Leaky Air Ducts

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Air Duct Maintenance Here's What Happens If You Don't Keep On Top of It

It’s not your furnace that brings nice warm, clean air to the rooms in your house during the dead of winter. Nor is it your central air unit that keeps your upstairs bedroom cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer. It’s the air ducts that course through your walls, floors and ceilings. Without them a furnace is as useless as a car without wheels. Yet most homeowners neglect the air ducts in their home. Not because they don’t care, but because out of sight really does mean out of mind as far as air ducts are concerned. But as understandable as that is we need to take a few minutes to emphasize just how important air duct maintenance is to the health of your home and the people in it. And point out some of the things that could happen if this vital component of home maintenance is ignored.

Air Duct Maintenance Here's What Happens If You Don't Keep On Top of It

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