Three Big Mistakes You Can Make With Your Persian Rugs

Orange tabby cat skateboarding across clean, white textured rug in bedroom

If you are the owner of a true Persian rug, consider yourself fortunate. Not only do you appreciate fine home furnishings, but you can afford a hand-knotted rug whose craftsmen have been honing skills passed down for more than 2500 years. All Persian rugs fall under the umbrella of “Oriental” rugs, but their precise country of origin – Iran – makes them a cultural anchor for all Asian countries which dabble in their manufacture.

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The Differences Between Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs

Close-up view of red patterned Persian rug after professional rug cleaning services

You bought a nice carpet you saw online. You liked the shape, the colors, and the description, but the picture was fuzzy. Did it look like it was hand-woven? And are you sure you saw knots interspersed throughout its design? Eh, does it even matter? You tell your in-laws you bought a "Persian Rug," but when you see your neighbor outside, you proudly announce you just got a great deal on an "Oriental Rug." You’re not sure of the difference between either, but should you invest in Persian rug cleaning?

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