Springtime is the Right Time to Have Your Persian Rug Cleaned

With winter in the rear view mirror it’s time to fling open the windows and engage in some serious spring cleaning. After months of confinement everything usually needs some attention this time of the year and that includes your beautiful oriental carpets. The winter is particularly hard on carpeting because, try as we may, it’s almost impossible not to track dirt, mud, de-icing chemicals, salt, sand used on sidewalks and a million other things into the house on the bottom of our boots. A good portion of that will end up in the fibers of your prized Persian. So it’s in your interest, and the long term interest of your carpeting, that you call Steve’s for professional Oriental rug cleaning.

Persian Rug Cleaning

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How Do Air Ducts Inside the Home Get Dirty?

Air duct cleaning is an essential component of home maintenance. It ensures the air you, your loved ones, guest and pets breathe is free of harmful contaminants that can cause allergies and either cause or aggravate respiratory conditions. Cleaning air ducts is a painstaking job that requires training, experience and expertise. And no one in Boulder and vicinity is better qualified to do the job right than Steve’s Carpet Care.

Air duct cleaning

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Don’t Even Think of Selling Your Home Without Cleaning the Carpets First

Here’s a fast fact to consider: If you offer your house for sale and potential buyers notice the carpeting is dirty or has visible stains they’ll quickly categorize your home as a “fixer upper”. Even if every other component of the house is in perfect shape. Once the word gets out that your home is a fixer upper its market value will take a substantial hit. So if you haven’t been getting the kind of offers you anticipated when you first put your home on the market you might not have to look any further than the dirty carpeting to understand why. Professional carpet cleaning from Steve’s can solve this problem.

selling your home

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Be Sure to Make Carpet Cleaning Part of Your Spring Cleaning Ritual

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes the time honored tradition of spring cleaning. Let’s face it, being cooped up all winter can be rough on your house. And perhaps no component of the modern home suffers more during the winter than the carpeting. While snow looks idyllic and clean when it first falls it soon becomes soiled with pollutants from the air. Not only that but the slush and mud created by melting snow is carried into the house leaving big dirty patches on the hardwood and being ground into the carpeting where it becomes devilishly difficult to remove. That’s why Steve’s carpet cleaning services should be an integral part of your spring cleaning ritual.

Spring Cleaning

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