Extending Your Carpet's Lifespan

Carpets are an extremely important part of any home and while many consider them to be less practical than a wooden or tiled floor (anyone that owns a dog or any other type of pet that malts will attest to this), that warm feeling that you get underfoot year round and the way that they can enhance the aesthetic of any room if well maintained is extremely desirable for property owners. But that's the key: to maintain them properly. While you might vacuum on a weekly basis and spot clean when necessary, that's not going to keep your carpets looking attractive for years on end. A more professional grade of cleaning is required to do that.

What Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Entail?

We have been carpet cleaning in Boulder, CO for many years and it never fails to surprise us just how unaware homeowners are of the important role that carpet cleaning plays in terms of the "health," appearance and smell of the carpet. Many people don't realize the difference between cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner and having it cleaned with a professional grade carpet cleaner, and there is a BIG difference, which we're going to try and clear up now:

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